3 Jan 2011

MJ's milieu

Here is an article about a family who met MJ in 2002.
This is a picture, that was taken during that meeting:

I'm just curious for some reason who is this "unknown friend" dressed as a knight.
Is this the same guy next to MJ on this picture?

UPDATE: I've found out who is the guy!!! This is Dr. Alex Farshchian! (I'm a bit surprised!)


  1. That man looks like he´s photoshoped, or it´s just me? Interesting, though :P

  2. On picture #2?.. Yes, something is off about it, but I don't think it's photoshopped...
    (Actually this guy reminds me a bit a guy I was in love with several years ago, lol! It's definitely not him of course).

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  4. I´ve just found a new pic with that guy.


  5. Yeah, looks like him...
    WHO is he?.. LOL!
    The boy in front could be his son - he looks quite similar...