27 Jun 2018

R.I.P. Joe Jackson...

You were really an outstanding person...
You knew how to rock!

25 Jun 2014

25 of June, 2014

5 years without Michael Jackson...
This world still exist, though it misses something...

4 Jul 2013


This blog was supposed to be for just rant purposes at first - so why not to return to origins?
I don't have too much to say, I just have several subjects on my mind.
Is it normal to keep people in hospital for so long after suicidal attempts? Does Paris really needs so much brainwashing, I mean therapy?.. What is Debbie Rowe's role in all this drama?
Just from my point of view Paris actually really needs just to grow very thick skin and a good portion of cynicism. Oh, and to have her caring relatives at a good distance. BTW what was wrong with allowing her to go to Marilyn Manson show? I guess the family could afford it and nothing would happen to Paris at the concert with a bunch of bodyguards. Besides just a couple of days before the suicidal attempt Prince attended a concert with his girlfriend. So?..
Meanwhile Prince gave a testimony at court. It's really interesting that he saw Randy Philips at the house talking to Conrad Murray.
Isn't it too much of coincidence that Wade Robson came out with his claims (what is his soft spot I wonder?..) and tabloids dug out a 20-year old story about a couple who worked at Neverland?..
So far Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial cleared to me why MJ behaved oddly before his passing - most probably adverse effects of propofol in form of lack of normal sleep.
And that good looking doctor with unpronounceable last name implanted an anti-drug patch in Michael's abdomen - I think it was removed later, that's why Michael had a scar there.

20 Jun 2013

Scott Thorson On Michael Jackson: True Or False?

What a story is unfolding before our eyes!..
HBO channel recently released a movie "Behind the Candelabra" about relationships between famous American pianist and showman Liberace and his much younger lover Scott Thorson with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. This movie was a real success, I managed to watch it and I liked it too - very funny and sincere story. The film is based on a book written in the end of 80-s by Scott Thorson himself. As readers of my blog probably know Thorson also claimed that he had a fling with Michael Jackson: http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.ru/2012/05/more-about-scott-thorson-and-michael.html, http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.ru/2012/05/fans-on-scott-thorson-and-myths-about.html
The real Scott Thorson has an interesting life - besides the fact that he was a boy-toy of the famous showman (and there is a possibility that not of only one famous showman), he was also a drug-addict, a witness in a murder case, he was shot 5 times, but survived, then he was in jail himself in 2008, released, diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, then accused of using a credit card that didn't belong to him, then bailed out by a brothel owner after the HBO movie and due to be back in jail on 3-rd of July.
As someone wrote on IMDB - he is a guy to whom things happen. (Probably if my blog wasn't solely about Michael Jackson I would go into detail trying to find more information about Scott).
What does temporary free Scott Thorson is doing now?
He lives now at Bunny Ranch - it's a brothel, whose owner Dennis Hof bailed him out. I suspect that Hof just decided that it would be great promotion for his establishment - even I write about him now! LOL! Scott has a HUGE payday now and he is really busy giving tons of interviews left and right to any mass media that is willing to give him some time and space. Just several links to Scott's interviews below (I suspect it's very far from a full list though):

The View: http://watchabc.go.com/the-view/SH559080/VDKA0_5y12fwc6/the-view-614

Opie & Anthony Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbQxEf5n96M

Lamont and Tonelli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QX8okAlnaY

The Artie Lange Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQNOFa5_efw&%20sns=tw

Howard Stern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1MlPbfH1CY

In every interview Thorson is talking about his relationship with Liberace and with Michael Jackson. Although he told us probably more than the world had to know (including what types of sex he had with both Lee and Michael and how penises of both looked like) there are still questions, because there are inconsistencies regarding his relationship with Michael, especially if we keep in mind Scott's 2004 interview to National Enquirer and 2002 interview to Larry King.
I have to say that all those interviewers in the above videos SUCK. They talk too much, they simply don't listen to the interviewee and at the same time they don't ask questions to make the picture clear and logical. (Well, maybe I'm too strict: they are not investigators or prosecutors after all, LOL!)
If I were in their shoes I would ask Scott the following things about Michael:
  • Was Scott on drugs during their relationship? (Does he remember everything correctly?)
  • What did he do for living at the time?
  • What did Michael think about Scott's palimony suit against Liberace?
  • Did Michael give him presents? (What were those presents?)
  • Where did they have encounters? How often?
  • Why did Scott tell National Enquirer in 2004 that they split because MJ had child porn (or did he really say that?) and why he tells a different story now?
  • Was he Michael's "first"?
  • Did he ever meet Michael after their split?
  • Who was aware about their relationship?
Waiting  for the show to be continued... (With Scott as a male bunny in pink. He used to be blond after all!)

6 Jun 2013

They say...

...daughter of Michael Jackson tried to commit suicide after leaving a twit with a verse from the Beatles song because she was not allowed to go to Marilyn Manson concert ?..

Paris, do you remember: you can't please everyone, but you can piss everyone?..

Sometimes life makes us live only from bitchiness.
But it'll pass too.

8 May 2013

Errr... Wade Robson?..

Wade Robson, a choreographer (they say a famous one) and a guy, who was a witness in 2005 sexual molestation trial, filed a creditor claim against MJ's estate claiming that Michael molested him. (In 2005 Robson denied that he ever was molested). Read TMZ for the details.
Is it even possible to sue a dead person for sexual molestation in US?..
Very strange claims, especially taking into consideration that there is a trial now going on where Katherine Jackson is trying to get a huge sum of money from concert promoter AEG...

17 Apr 2013

Mass Media: Tips and Tricks

Rule number one: you can believe something in mass media only in case you hear it directly from a person (though video is better). Never believe quotes and exclusive interviews: there is a good chance it was never said at all. In the very best case it's a rehash of an old interview.
Example: Radaronline is now making a string of "exclusive" interviews with Jason Pfeiffer:

Secret Michael Jackson Voicemail: King Of Pop Caught On Tape ‘Shopping For Drugs’ Just Seven Weeks Before His Death

Crying Michael Jackson Spoke Of How He ‘Couldn’t Forgive’ Dad Joe For Childhood Abuse, Reveals Pal

Recently Jason gave an interview to "The Sun", Radaronline simply repeats what was said before...
At least they released a voicemail that Michael Jackson left to Pfeiffer.
For some reason his voice is called "slurring", though to me MJ sounds normal - another mass media trick.

17 Jan 2013

Dear Arnie, PLEASE Stop The Fuckery!

You're not the father of Prince Jackson and I'm frightened for your patients - they need a doctor with better sight (and memory).


Oh REALLY?????
Why do I have problems believing the guy?..

25 Nov 2012

Leave Them Alone

Some fans of Michael Jackson came to a new level of madness. I'm not surprised anymore by their hatred towards almost anybody who had a chance to meet MJ, to work with him, to be friends with him (or even to marry him!) and to dare to say something publicly about him, I'm not surprised anymore when fans discuss ways to guess the size of MJ's penis (this information for sure would change their life forever!), I'm even not too shocked when fans discuss upbringing of Michael's children (although they definitely need to give birth to their own kids and to take care about them instead). But now some fans are bitching about Prince and Paris not tweeting about Bad 25 documentary!..
Some quotes:

"And sorry I think this is exactly the time for them to tweet if they are going to say something. They are the keeper of their fathers empire and image now. Spike Lee has asked them in the past if they had seen it and their opinon. The project was done out of love and respect and look at the reaction it has made to so many. There are millions of dollars that will pour in to their bank account eventually and this will help it along. A small tweet of thanks and appreciation to Spike and an acknowledgement of the airing would have been really cool. It just seems like the priorities are a bit backwards there sometime....its real easy to go play Hollywood and promote Mr Pink but a simple tweet about a tribute to your Dad on Thanksgiving and its crickets. Hmmmm sad"

"If Paris can tweet 'happy birthday' to that loser Miley Cyrus than she can tweet about her father's legacy. Or at the very least thank Spike Lee publicly for what he has done for her father's legacy after he so graciously tweeted her!
Pathetic and disappointing if you ask me.
And be sure, just like the rest of her family (Latoya, Jergreasy and so on)... when it comes time to promote herself, she will happily talk about her dad then. (Oprah and Ellen anyone??!!)."

"Oh and it is damn sure is my business cause I choose to spend my hard earned cash on estate backed projects, it would benice to see, Oh hell the people who benefit from those hard earned dollars support said project. It wont be long and there is not going to be many projects to support and in light of the horrible few weeks of Randy Sullivan running around spreading lies on television, A tweet yes A single tweet to support this documentary would have been a good PR move for them and the estate she or her brother benefits from and represents. Oh and Blanket is a child, Prince and Paris are teenagers who do teenage things...some of which people consider mature. Like dating, driving and red carpets etc..."

So now Paris and Prince are obliged to do something to please their dad's fans?.. (Thanks God at least Blanket doesn't have a twitter account - it can be taken as an excuse. Um... Probably...)
Is it something wrong with me because I think that Michael's children are NOT obliged to do what their dad's fans want them to do?.. They are free people, they can do whatever they want to do and I'm afraid they'll survive if a stupid girl will decide not to spend her hard earned dollars for something connected with their dad's name.
I hope Prince, Paris and Blanket will realize it too.