3 Feb 2011

Conrad Murray. Part I

I have an itching feeling that I have to write about Conrad Murray and about versions of MJ's death.
First of all I want to put it straight: I think that Conrad Murray's place is in jail in any case. Judging by all information revealed already. (Though we have to remember that in case of MJ nothing could be considered "true" until we have several independent reliable sources confirming something).
Of course it doesn't mean that MJ isn't responsible for his own death. His actions were stupid and irresponsible. Fans would find millions of excuses, I can find them also (perhaps it was a victim for his children)... But using anaesthesia to cure insomnia is definitely something new... and up to MJ's standards of portraying him in tabloids. Sleeping in hyperbaric chamber would be much better - at least it's useful for health.
But in any case Conrad Murray's behaviour as a professional and someone very far from young (well, for some reason society thinks that it is more pardonable for young people to make stupid things...) was unprofessional, unethical and... well, was it simple greediness or something else?.. His motives - that is the most fascinating thing.
This is an article about Conrad Murray with some biographical facts. (And I have no idea whether it has anything in common with the reality, you know...) According to it (and to other information, that was on TMZ for example) Murray looks like a guy who thinks mostly with his other head rather than the one which is on his shoulders. Seven kids with different women (the last one was born in 2009 I think), tangled personal life (one girlfriend - mother of his last child, the other one - a girl he was talking on the phone when MJ was supposedly dying)... Serious sums of money to impress women. Definitely looks like someone who would spit upon his professional ethics and common sense in order to obtain a pretty sum of money. I just have to wonder whether MJ was aware about Murray's tangled personal life?
By the way how did MJ meet Conrad Murray? According to Sade Anding Murray boasted that he met MJ when his son Prince got sick. A little bit strange: Conrad Murray is a cardiologist. Why to call a cardiologist to treat a child? I hope Prince doesn't have any problems with his heart!
According to TMZ Murray graduated from medical college in 1989 (a little bit overripe graduate, I wonder what was he doing exactly before that?) Ms Malbiran, who once worked as a nurse in Murray's practice said that he is a brilliant doctor... Well, that brilliant doctor was asking MJ's bodyguards whether they know CPR. I can be wrong, but I thought that CPR is basics in medicine. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if a dentist or a venereologist forgot how to do CPR, but isn't it quite weird for a cardiologist?

To be continued.

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