2 Apr 2011

I want that weed too, it must be good...

I had no time to post it yet, I was busy during this week, but I'm really amazed by what is going on.
It seems that Dr. Klein has a tumultuous facebook life nowadays. (He even made a new profile, which is open to everyone or something like that. Hmm).
There are several attacks on Dr. Stephen Hoefflin in his fb (Dr. Hoefflin actually needs to have his hands pulled out for MJ's plastic surgery that was done after 1983). According to Klein Dr.Hoefflin himself made MJ propofol-addicted. (I don't know whether it is correct to say that MJ was addicted to propofol from a medical point of view. I don't know whether propofol can form addiction similar to alcohol addiction for example, but since MJ liked to sleep under anesthesia let it be addiction). I find those claims believable - MJ is known for his multiple plastic surgeries, where else he would learn about propofol other than his plastic surgeon office? Then there are attacks on Harvey Levin, TMZ founder. You may find them on Arnie Klein-Fine wall too.
But I'll quote what was written a couple of days ago...

Michael was not gay
by Arnold W. Klein on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michael Jackson's sexuality? I do not believe at this time there is any evidence to indicate that he was gay. Jason Pfeiffer an ex-emloyee of mine together with a lawyer,my ex-accountant and a shady busines man sold the story of Jason's so-called affair with Michael to the foreign press as well as the US media. I recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer. I apologize to Michael's family for any damage this might have caused. Nevertheless, I feel the accusations of Michael's so called pedophilia forced him to live a tortured life with even his own sister accusing him of this behavior.
(Later this post was deleted - makes you wonder why).

Well, it was enough to make me choke with a cookie I was eating.
OK, so our kind doctor doesn't think that MJ was gay, he has no evidence (despite the fact that Arnie himself said MJ was gay in a videotaped interview). He found out that this story was written by a ghost writer, bad boy Jason Pfeiffer was lying. Ugh, how disgusting! Well... Unfortunately (for Dr. Klein) there are some problems with his claims...
Here is a chronology of events as I witnessed them:
In the middle of August of 2009 this article appeared in an Australian magazine called Woman's Day. I have no idea whether it is a full article published in the magazine or not. Later it was quoted and reprinted by plenty of other media sources.
Later, in the beginning of October, Dr. Arnold Klein (together with his employee Jason Pfeiffer) went to Phoenix to give a lecture. Apparently during that visit to Phoenix an interview was given to a friend of Dr. Klein (he has a lot of friends), journalist Alicia Jacobs. It was a long videotaped interview by both Dr. Klein and Jason Pfeiffer.
On 29 of April 2010 (almost 7 months later) bits of these interviews were shown on Extra (it's a TV channel or a TV program - I don't know exactly, I'm very far from US, I can only search Internet). Jason Pfeiffer claimed that he was MJ's boyfriend, Dr. Klein claimed that he was aware of it, that MJ was gay and even that he (Dr. Klein) himself saw Jason and Michael together doing something (not very appropriate to do on your workplace perhaps...) These edited bits of the original interview caused hysteria among fans (not surprisingly at all). There had to be two parts of it, but part two was never shown for some (unknown) reasons. It was followed by media frenzy - as always. And even some public disputes on Twitter between Dr. Klein and late Elizabeth Taylor took place.
Later in May a man called Paul Camuso (he is a TV producer and a friend of both Jason Pfeiffer and Arnie Klein as far as I understood) decided to make an unedited interview with Jason Pfeiffer about his relationship with MJ (true story without media interference) and to put it on YouTube. For some reason this interview dissolved.
Several months later I found out this site - The Truth About Michael. (A bit weird site... I wonder who are people behind it and where do they take information). You may read a transcript of the interview with Jason Pfeiffer by Alicia Jacobs. Also you may find a letter from Jason Pfeiffer to someone with some explanations regarding the infamous interview to Alicia Jacobs.
When I found this interesting site there was, besides Jason Pfeiffer's interview, also a transcript of Dr. Klein's interview to Alicia Jacobs which was made at the same time as Jason's. Later it disappeared from the site (WHY?) The interview was really long, Arnie Klein was talking about MJ's drug usage, his doctors (including Dr. Hoefflin) and all other stuff, including Jason's relationship with MJ. (Fortunately I saved it). Dr. Klein was very - VERY - confident in JP/MJ relationship. He was telling Alicia that once he entered a room and stumbled upon Jason Pfeiffer and shirtless MJ, and this looked like they were doing something not very appropriate there. Later Jason confirmed Arnie's suspicions. Klein went on to say that Jason and MJ looked very happy together, spent a lot of time together in the office, they were talking for hours on the phone, MJ wanted Jason to come to all the concerts, etc.
So now the same Arnie Klein is telling the world (or at least a part of the world) that I do not believe at this time there is any evidence to indicate that he was gay. Um... Sure... So, Jason was lying, the story was written by a ghostwriter... But what about Arnie himself?.. Was his part written by a ghostwriter too? Did they star in this little play together? But why in hell? Did Klein want to protect his ass in the light of MJ's death investigation? (Some fans believe in this version, though I find it to be too weird and silly).
While I was trying to process all this information, next brilliant piece came out:

The publicity, the embezzlement, the defamation, the whole story
by Arnold Fine on Saturday, April 2, 2011
What is the point here ? The point is Harvey Levin is a totally dishonest human being who knew very well I had no part in the death of Michael Jackson. He knew very well Steven Hoefflin had been reported to be responsible for Michael's addiction. Furthermore, my lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Harvey Levin's closest friend, was fully aware of Hoefflin's behavior. When AEG hired Michael Jackson and Murray as his doctor they enabled an individual totally unfamiliar with the proper administration of this drug to give Mr Jackson Propofol every night. Frank DeLeo was present in Gothenburg Sweden where Hoefflin was giving Michael Propofol. Finally my lawyer Richard Charmley (together with Brad Boyer) illegally released Michael Jackson's medical records in court to get the $55,000 owed to me paid. This was done not to get me paid but to allow Murray to know what I did and keep news reporters at my office and homes.Additionally Charmley had told me that Mr Phillips of AEG wanted to work with me, Within a week I received a full copy of Michael's records sent to me mistakenly by Charmley. Richard Charmley also emailed a copy of these records to Randy Phillips according to individual's at AEG. Furthermore, Charmley was closely involved with Muhammed Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer, in embezzling over 10 million dollars from me. To continue the insane publicity enabled them to keep me away from my office and steal more and more money.Muhammed Khilji is a Pakistani Moslem. These people use a monetary transfer method called Hawala which was used to subsidize 9/11 and Mumbai. This is a terrorist act and the way Muhammed embezzled my funds and forced into bankruptcy. This bankruptcy will not prevent me from practicing but it is beyond my comprehension that both Andrew Whorton and Michael DeGeus of the homeland security division of the Secret Service have not been of any assistance to me in dealing with this situation.

I had an overheating after that.
The insane publicity enabled them to keep me away from my office and steal more and more money...  Wow!.. WOW!!!
What would be the next thing Dr. Klein is going to claim?.. That he is a biological father of MJ's children?..

Jason, darling, I love you and I want your babies, but please do tell me two things: first, did you ever really fuck Michael Jackson and second, how to embezzle 10 millions??? (I want 10 millions too!)


  1. Hi,I´ve seen already that notes from Klein´s original facebook. I´m not his friend on facebook but I can see his wall maybe because I have a friend in common with him. But I can´t see his original account with other account I have, maybe because I created just many months ago.
    As for now him saying Michael wasn´t gay, I think it´s because Liz´s death. He cared very much for her and maybe he was remorseful. Just saying, the timing is suspect.

  2. Btw, he deleted that note, at least I can´t find it.

  3. Remorseful?..
    His actions are not too clear to me.I'm trying to find logic there.

  4. Just a thought, the timing it´s strange.

    So you´re not exactly a "fan"?

  5. Perhaps technically I'm a fan - since I like several of MJ's songs, perhaps I feel some sympathy towards him and certainly I feel sympathy towards his kids, but I'm tooooooo far from his fans!.. To tell you the truth I can't stand most of them. But actually I'm more of a researcher than anything else. Besides, I'm not really serious, I have quite ironic attitude (I don't know whether it is noticeable in my blog).

  6. I was reading carefully that entry and you claimed there is a videotaped interview in which Arnie said Michael was gay? I think only exists Jason´s interview.

  7. There was an interview with Arnie too. It was made the same day as Jason's.

  8. oh can you say when I can see it please? Strange because nobody said something about that.
    And can I ask you your mail? I´d like to share some thoughts with you.


  9. Probably Klein, who was in terrible need for cash (1 million dollar debt to the Bank of America) and was coming up with all kinds of stories in 2009, forgot that in 1993 told Carrie Fisher that MJ was perfectly straight.

  10. Klein wasn't enough close to MJ to know something about his sexual life for sure.

  11. Thanks J.

    Klein had known Michael for more than 25 years, I think it´s enough time...and don´t get me wrong but he began to face the child molestation allegations in 1993 and you know that still these days many people believes that gay men are necessary child molesters...so who knows if Michael was really gay but Klein didn´t want to tell that time? Because I noticed something fishy, he deleted the note he denied Michael was gay...
    He´s accepting a lot of MJ fans in his facebook, now he says a lot of things concerning Murray, AEG etc. Denying Michael was gay would bring him more reliablity amoung the fans.

    Oh well I think too much lol. But I´m strugling at why a supposedely perfectly straight man suffered gay rumours since the 70´s. It´s too much time. And Michael didn´t even still had plastic surgery or make up. Nobody saw him as a freak yet. So the rumours began out of malice.

    I don´t know if he was or not...but I notice things and some things some people says...

  12. In 1993 Klein knew MJ only for 9 years (if 25 is correct), lol. Klein is talking too much, and I'm afraid sometimes he doesn't realize what exactly he is talking about. I suspect he is facing problems now.

  13. I was wonder about TheTruthAboutMichael website when I saw your link to it, it seemed like it was an "insider" when I was looking for some MJ info so I did a google search on it. It appears that Arnold Klein is behind it.


    Hosted on the same server as this are:


    Interesting that ArnoldWKlein.com is the same IP address as thetruthaboutmichael. Klein's website which appears to be Arnold Klein's blog (unless that is a fake site too). It is interesting to note that Paul Camuso, who you mentioned above, is also involved in William Shattner who is also listed here on that list of websites...so maybe there is a connection. http://www.linkedin.com/in/mogul

  14. Rocky, great research!
    Klein's blog isn't fake.
    It will be interesting to see what will happen to thetruthaboutmichael.com and arnoldwklein.com.
    Paul Camuso doesn't follow Arnie Klein on Twitter anymore (http://twitter.com/PaulCamuso)...

  15. Hello, you did a good investigation. To my concern, I do not know what to think. Anyway I have found an another article relating Klein, Pfeiffer and Hoefflin.

  16. Tomate Joyeuse, truth is always somewhere in-between...