3 Jun 2011

Stacy Brown, a Weird Jackson Family Friend

A blogger named Muzikfactory2 made a blogpost where he (or she) posted a kind of an interview with Stacy Brown - an odd character from Michael Jackson saga.
Muzikfactory2 gives a little bit of background about who Stacy Brown is, but I will add several links to make things more understandable (and interesting).
Several years ago an article appeared in New York Post: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/item_Qi0oxpmkX056xSZbouwY8N
(Biggest lol at the episode with Tito's sons - the youngest of those "boys" was 16 already at the time).
After MJ's passing Roger Friedman (very interesting character himself - a journalist who writes a lot about Jacksons and seems to have inside sources of information, though some of his info was proven to be false) remembered about the embarrassing episode from Jermaine Jackson's biography: http://www.showbiz411.com/2009/08/12/20090812michael-jackson-brother-jermaine-shocking-2003-book-proposal
On the same day, 12 of August, 2009 this disclaimer article appeared: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/MichaelJackson/story?id=8314753&page=1
I do really want to know who is this "source close to the Jackson family" who contacted ABC. And who is another source who said that Stacy Brown "can't be trusted".
Also Stacy Brown is known as co-author of "The Man Behind The Mask". He wrote it together with former (and late) MJ's PR-man Bob Jones.
I didn't read it, but just judging by the abstracts from Amazon this book is something very far from positive towards Jones' former boss. Basically authors were accusing MJ of child molesting in this book, though perhaps it doesn't contain direct accusations ("I was assuming Michael was doing something criminal with these young boys. Even today, I have no concrete proof"), but a PR-man and a journalist have to know that playing with words allows to put different meanings to simplest words.
I love this quote from the article about Bob Jones' passing: "Mr. Jones was Jackson's spokesman at a time when the singer's behavior caused the public to view the pop star as a cultural oddity.
The eccentricities reported about Jackson were often the result of leaks that Jones orchestrated to make the singer seem more mysterious, Mr. Jones told the Irish Times in 2005. Initial reports about Jackson sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and the importance of his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, admittedly came from the publicist.
He named Jackson the "king of pop, rock and soul," but the singer changed it to "just the king of pop," Mr. Jones said in the Irish Times article."
King of pop, rock and soul... I sincerely hope that "Wacko Jacko" wasn't Mr. Jones' invention too. Just judging by Mr. Jones PR campaigns and disgraceful results of them he was not a good PR-man.
But I'm digressing from the real star of my blogpost - Stacy Brown.
It is interesting that Stacy Brown is quoted in this article.
"In writing the book, Mr. Jones showed loyalty to Jackson by leaving out "a treasure trove" of potentially shocking details, Brown said.
Mr. Jones' loyalty to Jackson also was on public display, Brown said, when the publicist testified at Jackson's 2005 trial on child-molestation charges. On the stand, Mr. Jones backed away from testimony that might have helped the prosecution. Jackson was acquitted of all charges.
"He saw Michael, and he felt sorry for him," Brown said. "He couldn't go through with telling the truth, telling all he knew."
Unfortunately I have no idea about where Valerie J. Nelson, "Los Angeles Times" journalist, took Stacy Brown quotes, so we have to keep in mind that there is a good chance that he never said or wrote anything like that, but after "The Man Behind The Mask" - does it really matter?.. As well as his phrase that:
"If they'd had a black majority jury, they would have convicted," said Stacy Brown. (...) 
"This is not to say that any other race tolerates that kind of behavior, but within the black community, it's not something that stardom could have swayed," said Brown, a media critic for the Scranton Times-Tribune and longtime Jackson family friend."
Did the guy want to say that blacks are smart and whites are stupid? Or did he want to say that black US community doesn't like Michael Jackson? In any case he implied that MJ was doing something inappropriate. "Even if he was not molesting them, he was doing things that were inappropriate," he told ABCNews.com. "There's a mind-set in the black community: Why are all these white boys always hanging around? Michael would have stood no chance with an African-American jury." Or did the guy even imply that blacks are not very smart and also they don't like white children?.. Lol.
Stacy Brown was called to take part in this interview (which took place in the beginning of 2005 trial) as a person who knows a lot of information about Michael Jackson and his relationships with different people. He was characterized as "Jackson family friend" as well.
After tormenting and squeezing Google I finally managed to find an article written by Stacy Brown himself which sheds some light on Who is Stacy Brown. He tells the story of his acquaintance with the Jacksons. So he just met them in a store, then he ran into Jermaine Jackson who recognized him and then Stacy Brown was invited to Havenhurst and to Neverland... Something tells me that a serious part of the story was omitted.
"Things were made all the more difficult in 2005 when the prosecution in Santa Maria subpoenaed me to testify against him. The day before my testimony, I saw Michael and his children and, in his own way, Michael tried to intimidate me.
I said, "Michael, I'm not trying to hurt you. I feel bad for you, but I didn't volunteer for this." He looked at me and offered me a Bible and a faint smile."
Offering a Bible is an act of intimidation?.. Stacy Brown was to turn into a monster from a horror movie after touching a Bible?.. Or did I miss something?..
I've found a different account of how MJ was "intimidating" Stacy Brown in his own words: "You know, there was one eerie moment. Michael -- after the -- after the meeting was over, Michael approached me. He said -- he asked me, was the Bible that he had in his hand -- did it belong to me? And you know, I was stunned. I said, No, you know, it's not mine. And it turned -- you know, I don’t know. He turned around, went back in for a moment and came back out."
Stacy Brown didn't touch the Bible and missed his chance to turn into a monster.
"During a break, I came in contact with Michael and his mother outside the men's room and Katherine walked up, looked at me and turned to my attorney, the late great Mel Sachs, and complimented the suit Mel was wearing. It was a subtle message, but I understood, that whole "Jackson family friend" thing was officially over."
I would be surprised if "whole Jackson family friend thing" wouldn't be over after "The Man Behind The Mask". (Though, was it really over?..).
So now this guy decided to say some things to the world through Muzikfactory2 blogpost.
"The only reason things got blown out of proportion was because Jermaine didn't think. He didn't use his head". - I can believe it, lol. Jermaine is definitely not someone who is known for using his head, at least the one which is on his shoulders. His ex-girlfriend Margaret Maldonado described him very well in her book written after escaping the Jacksons tight embrace. Of course ex-wives and ex-girlfriends can make things look a bit different from the what is called "reality", but this lady seems to be honest, things that she speaks about were corroborated by other sources, besides she is not known as a shady character seeking for attention or some extra money using Jacksons.
"Someone had duped our copy with another copy that contained fabrications and lies. They didn't want a positive book". - Wow!.. We have a real conspiracy here! I wonder who those unknown conspirators are and how they managed to "dupe" the book proposal?.. What it has to do with Jermaine not thinking with his head?.. At least he went to Larry King to say that the proposal was fake.
"I was on a program with Brian Oxman who was saying inaccurate and unfair things so I said to Brian during the broadcast: "What if I had tapes?" and the media ran with the idea that I had tapes. I did not have tapes of anything bad". - I managed to find this link. It is from a German site (and I don't know German), but it contains transcripts in English of that same program that Stacy Brown is talking about. I don't know how accurate it is, but if it is quite accurate, things that Stacy was saying on this program were a bit different from what he is claiming now. Diane Dimond, a well-known... um... specialist on Michael Jackson in the beginning of the program told the story of the proposal basically saying that the one with juicy details was real. Than Stacy Brown had his turn to say something to the world... Did he deny the proposal? No way! Vice versa:  "And, in fact, you will--you will see more than just it on paper in the coming days, you will hear it on tape in the coming days. So Jermaine should be very careful about what he says". (...) "BROWN: They are currently in the possession and being reviewed by Mel Sachs, who--who--he and I have talked and we will be launching a very aggressive slander suit against Jermaine Jackson.

DEUTSCH: Now, Stacy, are the things you have on tape, once again, tell me...

BROWN: They corroborate everything that Michelle Caruso has reported."
Is it: "What if I had tapes?"
Um... Perhaps my English is really not too good... Or the transcript is not correct enough...
Once more time: "You know, Brian, you need to watch what you say, because again, this stuff that Jermaine said is on tape".
As far as I know those tapes never surfaced...
But let's return to Brown's newest revelations.
"I had also written books with Jermaine and Rebbie, which wasn't as flattering toward Joseph". - What books is he talking about? Did I miss something?
"I was reluctant to write Bob's book for him. However, Rebbie's husband urged me to write it because they weren't my words, they were Bob's. Rebbie did not want me to write it. My relationship with her was severed after the book. But, I looked up to Rebbie's husband and, in hindsight, shouldn't have listened to him. I did, so I take full responsibility". - This is interesting. Well, at least Rebbie was against it. So nice.
"The police had cornered a family member in Vegas and had threatened to subpoena that family member. That family member reached out to me and I reached out to Tom Sneddon and Detective Steve Robel. In the end, to help get that family member off the hook, I put myself on the line and offered up myself because it would have been really bad for the family member. Put it this way, he wouldn't be considered a family member anymore because a divorce would surely have resulted". - And now we have something really exciting here. From Stacy's hints I suspect that this "family member" has to be Nathaniel Brown, Rebbie Jackson's husband. What was he doing that police had cornered him? What did they want him to tell during testimony? Why Stacy Brown was able to get him off the hook? Why a divorce would surely have resulted? Because of the testimony?..
"In October of 2005, Michael and Tom Messereau went over the book in London and Michael later reached out to Bob and expressed that while he didn't like the book, he didn't think it was too big a deal and understood that Bob needed money". - Huh?.. Well, it was said something in Bible about forgiveness, but... Did MJ read the book?.. At least some abstracts?..
"He said that "Bob had to do what he had to do to pay his bills" so Michael understood very well why the book". - Michael, you have to be canonized!
"When two of those jurors contacted me after the trial to ask me to write a book, saying that they were forced to vote not guilty, I told them to get lost and that I wouldn't do it". - Stacy, you have to be canonized too.
"Also, I now realize that the "family" member who I covered the trial was the biggest manipulator and it was really that person's doing. That person always wanted to be able to say to the others "I told you Michael was no good!" That person pushed me to do the book, set up false stories in the press later, so that, that person could have something over that person's spouse and family and most of all over the Jacksons". - Nathaniel Brown?..
Stacy, tell us what false stories exactly you were pushed to set up?
"It all makes sense to me now while it may not to you. But, it's too complicated and "Lifetime Television movie-like" to explain". - Oh yes, dear Stacy, it doesn't make too much sense to us and it makes you look very weird.
Stacy Brown has a twitter account. He mentions Rebbie and her family a lot. What I really want to know is what relationship does he have now with the Jacksons and namely with Rebbie and her family. There are rumors among MJ's fans that they are on friendly terms or something like that, but fans are not trustworthy, they have very weird perception of the reality. Besides I really want to know what Jehovah witnesses sect has to do with all this fuckery. Rebbie and her hubby are reported to be devoted witnesses and Stacy Brown himself is a Jehovah witness too. I was always very suspicious about very religious people...


  1. i can't stand this man...
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  2. I would be surprised in case they follow him... Though following someone on Twitter doesn't mean that we like the person we follow.

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  4. Rebbie hangs on with him often.

  5. He used to be her manager or smth. like that recently (I think it was written in Muzikfactory2 blog). I don't think that Rebbie was ever close to Michael, but still... Um... He is her brother. I don't understand this kind of family relationships!

  6. you fools can think what u want to but stacy told the truth!

  7. Stacy Brown is a low level tabloid hack "journalist" and parasitic leech!!! He's friends with fellow media whore tabloid junkie/"reporter" Diane Dimond, which says really all you need to know the pair of 'em!!!! DISGUSTING VULTURES, not worthy of the oxygen on Earth!!!!

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