8 Aug 2011

Anthony Pellicano and My Weak Imagination

Anthony Pellicano, a former PI who used to work for Michael Jackson during 1993 molestation case and who is spending his time now in a prison (I don't remember what it was exactly, I think something like wiretapping of someone's phone) gave an interview to a reporter Christine Pelisek. But it is not written as an interview. Actually it reminded me more of paperback books about modern time Cindirellas who were lucky enough to hang around rich and famous - with mentioning of stars, expensive resaurants and designer brands. Though there are some bits of drect oration from Anthony Pelicano:

Later in the interview, Pellicano reveals that when he agreed to work for Jackson during the star’s 1993 child-molestation case, he warned Jackson that he’d better not be guilty. “I said, ‘You don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers. If I find out anything, I will f--k you over.’ ” The detective took the assignment, but says, “I quit because I found out some truths…He did something far worse to young boys than molest them.” But he refuses to say anything more about it. It’s as if Pellicano wants to send Hollywood a reminder: I know which closets hold the skeletons.

What is the worst thing that a man can do to a woman?

To break her nail and to tear her stocking!

My imagination really fails me. What "far worse" things MJ could do to young boys?..
And by the way what did Pellicano do to MJ for it?


  1. I agree, a very cryptic statement. I honestly can't think of what's worse to do to a young boy than child molestation other than maybe murder. So he just quit.....interesing how interviews shortly after he claimed he quit because he disagreed with the new team of lawyers who wanted to settle instead of fighing in court.

    He also mentioned in that interview he's had offers to write a book. Hmmm....

  2. i think that the interview is not real

  3. There are plenty of possibilities starting from the reporter never talked to Pellicano at all to Pellicano didn't realise what he said.