2 May 2012

More About Scott Thorson And Michael Jackson

My yesterday short post became surprisingly popular, so I decided to make a slightly longer post about Scott Thorson. For those who doesn't know - Scott is a guy who used to be boyfriend/plaything of a pianist and entertainer Liberace, very popular back in the day in US. You can find plenty of information about their liaison in the web. Scott Thorson even wrote a book about Liberace (interesting reading I believe). In 2004 National Enquirer posted an article where Scott Thorson alleged that he also had a fling with Michael Jackson. Unfortunately I can't find the full article online anymore, but those interested can read this: http://andrejkoymasky.com/liv/fam/biot1/thorson01.html.
Scott seems to be a very intersting person who always loved to stick his nose (and other parts of his body) into other people's affairs, suspicious substances, etc.
Nowadays Steven Soderbergh is going to make a movie about Liberace and Scott based on Scott's book Behind  the Candelabra (with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon). That's why perhaps Entertainment Tonight invited Thorson for an interview. In this interview Thorson admitted (quite evasively) that his relationship with Michael Jackson crossed the boundaries of friendship.
One may believe or disbelieve the man... I just would like to share a link with my readers: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/column/93764-depression-2.0-sunday-in-kerouac-alley
Just more information for reflection.


  1. Hi,
    I´m not surprised. I always believed Michael was innocent but that site of VindicateMj goes too far. It isn´t like being gay is a crime. I think Scott hasn´t any social network. So he would be bullied through web. There´s no proof he had that affair with Michael but there´s no proof he hadn´t, either.
    I think this is mean of me but they really deserve it. Since Jason came out and after seeing the things they made to him I wished the gay rumors to repeat each year, LMAO. It´s working until now. They will never believe any man. It would be need a strong proof.

    1. @ Just Me - Lol, your imprecation works! And Scott's interview was almost the same day as Jason's to Extra! Very interesting!
      Btw, I tried to leave a comment to your blogpost, but it disappeared for some reason or maybe got to spam or smth.

  2. I answered in the other post also LOL. That comment was to your last entry. I noticed too the timeline. Last year Jason insisted in his story around May too.lol
    I didn´t receive any notification, at last by mail. I´ll see it.

    1. Wow, there is reply function now on blogspot!
      Probably blogspot had some technical problems...