17 Apr 2013

Mass Media: Tips and Tricks

Rule number one: you can believe something in mass media only in case you hear it directly from a person (though video is better). Never believe quotes and exclusive interviews: there is a good chance it was never said at all. In the very best case it's a rehash of an old interview.
Example: Radaronline is now making a string of "exclusive" interviews with Jason Pfeiffer:

Secret Michael Jackson Voicemail: King Of Pop Caught On Tape ‘Shopping For Drugs’ Just Seven Weeks Before His Death

Crying Michael Jackson Spoke Of How He ‘Couldn’t Forgive’ Dad Joe For Childhood Abuse, Reveals Pal

Recently Jason gave an interview to "The Sun", Radaronline simply repeats what was said before...
At least they released a voicemail that Michael Jackson left to Pfeiffer.
For some reason his voice is called "slurring", though to me MJ sounds normal - another mass media trick.

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  1. You're right about the "slurring", doesn't sound like slurring to me, they make it seem as though he were drunk/high off his ass. He sounds quite clear and normal, I couldn't help but smile at the sound of his voice.