19 Nov 2010

It's a real war on a global scale...

It's so hard to meet someone who is interested in MJ and who has common sense at the same time... Almost impossible. (Well, intelligent people with common sense are really very rare nowadays... (Smileys!!! I want smileys!!!))
There is a blog (that partially inspired me to start my own blog actually) by a young lady named Desiree. I read it because she posts interesting information there (at least sometimes). At first she gave me impression of an intelligent person who possesses logic and good writing skills. But later I found out that the lady is gullible... She simply made up her mind. Now she is sure that MJ was a paedophile. Ok, perhaps she knows something that I have no idea about (she wrote that she talked to someone who told her that MJ had sex with underaged boys, etc. ... Ok...)
The last post that she made had interesting information - http://desireespeakssolisten.blogspot.com/2010/11/explosive-proof-michael-jackson-was-gay.html#comments - she managed to pluck it out of the Trial (I'll put it from a capital letter - that Trial!) documents. But my post is not about the documents and information that they contain (though it confirmed once more time something I already knew). It is more about the comments. There is a lady named Alison who put her comments there - she is on the same page with me (almost, because I'm still very curious about everything/almost everything MJ)! I even wanted to make a comment myself, but then decided not to do it. Sometimes it's better to abstain from discussions...

P.S. Desiree wants "proofs" from those, who say something contradictory to her beliefs in comments to her blog. Where are her proofs of "MJ was a paedophile" besides her theories based (sometimes) on rumors?..

P.P.S. An insider from the music industry told Desiree that MJ was a child molestor (according to her own words). I wonder why does she chose to believe him (her).


  1. she can not accept different opinions. she demonstrated that even when she was allowed to post comments on the blog vindicatemj.

  2. Exactly! A couple of days ago she had a little quarrel with a girl who used to comment on her blog. As a result she wrote a long post about how she will not allow any more comments to her future posts. She said that this quarrel brought negativity or smth. like that to her blog - as if anyone CARES about some stupid boring showdowns!.. Worth of a kindergarten graduate. Also she wrote that she is welcomming comments of those who read her blog regularly but don't comment. I do read her blog - but why in hell should I comment?.. I read it for the same purpose I read some fan boards - for bits of information. And sometimes to have a laugh. Desiree stated very obviously somewhere in comments section: "Everyone who doesn't agree with me may go to hell". It was put in different words perhaps but it doesn't change the meaning of the message. The girl is creeeeeper!.. Lol!