19 Nov 2010

Black Orchid

This one is going to be short and silly.
Is it possible to say something about a person judging by their favourite perfume?
According to La Toya MJ's favourite perfume (ar least one of them) was Black Orchid by Tom Ford.
Beautiful bottle.
I tried it on Wednesday.
Well, it is certainly strong! I applied it on my wrist and I managed to get rid of it only today after taking bath. I can't say it impressed me too much. It's not awful, but certainly I wouldn't buy a bottle for myself. Actually I was surprised that it's quite recent - if I didn't know that I would say that this is a very old perfume, from 50-s or 60-s. Katherine Jackson could use a scent like that when she was young. (But I'm not a perfume maniac, I can be totally wrong of course).
The funniest thing - when I gave my wrist to my mom to smell it, she asked whether the perfume was female! She was not sure in it.
By the way Tom Ford has a version for men - I want to try it once more time. I tried it once - I liked it very much! I was even thinking about buying it for myself. Or for my beloved - to smell him.

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