27 Nov 2010

A little bit of irony

There is an amusing board called Lipstick Alley, part of it is devoted to MJ and overpopulated by his crazy fans. (I have no idea whether there are fans who are not crazy... Well, fan is short for fanatic, fanatics are not normal by definition...) I read it because it is easy to find new information there - fans post it there regularly. But besides info there are DISCUSSIONS - which spread like forest fires very often. In a lot of cases the leading idea of these so called discussions is "We hate - put a name here". They are always ready to hate somebody - in most cases those objects of their hate are people who were close to MJ. His wives, his make-up artist, his producer, his managers, his family members... Etc. Of course everyone was mean towards MJ, he was surrounded by bad people (why such a good person would be surrounded only by so bad people I wonder?..), etc. Perhaps I'll post something about that overwhelming fans' hate later.
Actually I wanted to say a different thing. Recently someone started a thread called "Why Do People Think Michael Was Gay?" It means that there are fans who REALLY don't understand WHY someone would think looking at such a guy that the guy is a little bit gay...
Cultural differences?..
I wonder why would someone do almost anything to conceal their heterosexuality?..
(Here I need that awesome laughter from the final of "Thriller")

P.S. By the way, I wouldn't argue with a gay guy like all this girls do.


  1. Maybe because was found straight porn in his house? (Though gay men can read it too. Many straight porn has full body naked man on ir apart the women. According to some gay men, it´s good porn for closeted gays)
    Not saying he was. I don´t know. Sure he put a lot of make up but It´s not enough for calling a man gay. Not even gay men can say what was Michael´s sexuality.

  2. There were not only straight porn, but also some books with erotic photos depicting men. Sometimes erotic can be much more... um... exciting than porn. Also perhaps I have very wide and weird life experience, but, for example, a couple of my female friends, absolutely straight, like to watch lesbian porn. So, I believe things that arouse us are not necessarily things that we do in bed...

  3. yah j, but u can read that on the opposite too. that means there are no proofs of michael being gay. no one thought that he could be bisexual? i did but there are no proofs either, so i stand this time on what he said, just simply because there are no proofs of the opposite and my heart said that too). .'-)

  4. Btw, apart from what i said before ( i was the anonymous ) i would like to add that another motivation could be that Michael (honestly) for most of us represented the the model of a perfect man, or the man of our desires: sweet , intelligent, kind, HUMAN(FOR ME)...and thinking about his gold pants :D sexy (i know i know we could sayhe had to do that :) so the man of our dreams. But apart from that we should separete fans who totaly hates Michael's associates from fans who hates what they did. For example i do not like what lisa marie did to michael and sometimes i wish her not good things...but at the end i do not care about her, Or for examples i do not like some journalists, but it's even true that sometimes some of them told the thruth to us and sometimes Michael took advantges from the media. fans (not all of them)could not accpet the fact that Michael was not an angel and both hsi associates and him made mistakes. i wonder what they will think of him when they'll understand that he was human like all of us.

  5. It's hard for me to relate to fans' motivation because I view Michael Jackson as a human being - not an ordinary one, perhaps, but still he was a human. And I view him as a normal human being, who lived in our world, had common sense, feelings, desires etc. It seems to me that a lot of people - fans and non-fans - project their own dreams and complexes on him. Subconsciously of course.
    As for Lisa Marie... She is not a subject of my intrest to tell you the truth, but hatred of some fans towards her is really funny. It looks like that was not MJ who lived in a world that was very far from the fans daily reality, but they themselves live in some strange place where they have never met divorced people.

  6. J honestly u are right on that metter,but u know for us (i declare my self an atypical fan) is like going angry looking at what some one is doing bad against someone u love.
    It's like u know if i see someone who my sister loved, herassing her....i could not stand it...i would say "they both made mistakes in their relationship but why herrassing her?"i could probably get mad :D u wrote "I view him as a normal human being, who lived in our world, had common sense, feelings, desires" i see him that way(to be honest i started that "oprocess from Michael is an angel to-no he is human just few years before his death :( )Now the only thing that i want for Michael is peace and justice. evrybody(all people who say something to the media and not only(even his family) should shout up and respect his memoryin my point of wiew.

  7. Who is harassing who?

  8. jason(this time), but do not get me wrong J, for herrassing i mean talking about private life in pubblic.
    True or not...it's not a nice thing (be thruthul i think the same regarding ALL the people who go around and try to talk about Michael's private life,with true facts or not).

  9. Mistake was made already

  10. ? do u mean about the meaning of herrassing??
    sorry i wasn't clear...but english it's not my first language too :(

  11. but i mixed the things, now . yesterday i was talking about lisa (she went around mixing hateful things and good things)plus tell to the world how did they do sex...(wtf what u do in ur bedrooms should remain between u and ur husbund).
    SO FOR ME herrassing means: going around and tell private things that u did with u lover/ex lover.
    This is private and should remain private.

  12. By mistake I meant Jason Pfeiffer doing interview with Alicia Jacobs.
    As for Lisa Marie - I don't remember her telling the world how did she and MJ were doing sex. She did say that they had had sex, but was she ever going into details? I can't recall that.

  13. o yes...u'll find it on google(like how michael screamed during...or how he was really hot in bed...)..(in truth it was more easy find her interviews before june 2009, now we are full of many more craps).
    Do u think it's a mistake jason doing interwiev to alicia jacobs? i think calculated expeccially because he should know Michael wouldn't agree,and more important than everything Michael will NEVER reply.
    I know Michael did not stop lisa from selling her stories (and probably he wouldn't do the same with jason), but i know he was deeply saddned by that.

  14. * correction: he would do the same with jason instad of "he wouldn't do the same with jason)"

  15. apart from that...i do not like people who talk about Michael's private life. i even didn't like his decision to say "welcome" to martin bashir in his life.
    This was a bad move from him.

  16. Never stumbled upon anything like that directly from Lisa Marie. Give me a link, please.

  17. sorry it was not an interview but an unaothorizaed biography . MICHAEL'S A SQUEALING LOVER, SAYS LISA MARIE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, OCT 10, 1995 A sizzling new book that dishes up sensational details of Michael Jackson's love life with Lisa Marie Presley claims sex with him is a scream - literally! She told a pal that Michael starts singing when he approaches the height of ecstasy - then lets loose with his trademark high pitched screeches, according to author Anthony Gregoreli. And Lisa Marie LOVES it! Hard to believe? You might question whether Michael is really Mr. Macho. But the new book, "Dark lady: The Unauthorized Biography Of Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson" is undeniably fascinating. It's due for U.S. publication early next year. But in scouring the world to bring you hottest gossip, I discovered some preview tidbits in Great Britain. Is Michael Jackson really a red-hot lover? Here are some of the eye-popping revelations in the book: Lisa Marie had wild sex with Jackson before marrying him - because she wanted to make sure he could perform his husbandly duties. They were spending a weekend at Donald trumps Florida mansion when she pulled him into bed. She claims they were intimate all night - and oddly enough, he preferred making love love while standing up! After that Thriller sex session with a real stand-up guy, Lisa Marie told a pal: "It was absolutely wild. He was slow getting started, then he just wanted more and more". She said that when Michael began screeching, she couldn't help laughing. Despite all the racket, Elvis' daughter later told her pal it was the best sex she'd ever had. In fact, she called Michael "a hot little number". Lisa Marie moved into Michael's neverland Valley Ranch while she was still married to unknown musician hubby Danny Keough. The relationship grew closer when Lisa Marie stood by Michael after he was accused of child abuse in 1993. Slowly, the friendship turned to love. But not for Michael's house hold staff. They thought she was rude and snotty to them, sort of a Leona Helmsley in training. Lisa Marie and Elizbeth Taylor fought like cats and dogs over Michael. After he began overdoing drugs during his child abuse scandal, longtime pal Liz wanted him to check into a rehab clinic. When Lisa Marie said she wanted to be there to give Michael support, Liz Objected. The two women had a HUGE catfight. But Lisa Marie won the round and escorted Michael into treatment in London. Round two erupted when Liz pressured Michael to sing a big solo number on a Jackson family TV special in 1994. He didn't want the spotlight, but she said he owed it to his fans. Lisa Marie exploded and screamed at Liz "Leave him alone! He knows what he's doing!" Once again, she won. Although Michael joined in a family chorus at the special's end, he didn't sing by himself.-
    so my mistake .
    btw i remember the interwiev on playboy and i do not like it either, http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/lisa_marie_playboy_interview.shtml

  18. but apart that, i do not hate her, as ii do not hate people around michael in general. i ask ONLY to stop going round and sell him NOW.
    all these stories(jason, all the family related, pearl jr who is using the believers and gianing money with a book and a "documentary" and so on) now that he is gone , true or not, are pissing me off.

  19. Lol, what makes you think that this "unauthorised biography" isn't someone's pure fantasy?
    As for you not wanting anybody selling MJ - it's certainly not a subject to discuss with me. I don't sell anyone and I'm not even a moral judge.

  20. Now that you´re talking about Lisa Marie, she contradicted herself over the years, but the rabid fans still believes her.
    She said innocent Prince was an act of retaliation,implied Michael did drugs and didn´t even could say he was 100% innocent. "Er..hum...I wasn´t in the same room as him when he was with the children..." What people would think with a sentence like that?!
    I have nothing against her, I don´t hate on people I don´t know but at least Jason never called him a drug addict or insinuated he was a molester.
    She´s a woman,and many fans believe she was Michael´s only and one. Need I say more?

  21. @ Just Me, and some fans really hate her!.. They are jealous like hell, lol!
    You're right, Jason never said anything even remotely negative about MJ (though in their eyes calling him gay or bisexual is a huge sin).

  22. wow look what I found on twitter, it´s someone protesting about Pearl Jr:

    Pearl Jr: Michael looked like a girl, he looked gay, he looked like a crossdresser. [This is an EXACT quote]

  23. A woman who wrote the book Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

  24. I'm marcy 2 (sorry I'm writing from another pc, and i forgot my google account password) :D
    Btw i know several fans who really believe lisa marie...and i can't stand them =.=
    J, i knew ucould say that about the unauthorized autography, BUT she said on marieclaire 2 years before Michael's daeth ""My biggest mistake? Let's see," she begins quietly. "How can I word this? Um. Well. Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for — that was probably the biggest mistake of my life."
    This is not a nice thing to say,about ur ex.
    The fans who believe she was his only one love, are stupid :D I do not think she was (and i hope I'm right for Michael :D). And for jason, even if i do not beleive they had a relationship, i have to admitt that apart from the media xxxx that he did he is not bad as lisa.

  25. Normally ex-wives and ex-husbands are not supposed to say smth. nice about their ex... We have to remember that Lisa Marie filed for divorce.

  26. @J my parents are divorced, SO I KNOW.
    u can divorce but still be a nice person and have the decency of not talking about your ex.
    she never said something bad about her ex other husbunds, but only about Michael. Please!

  27. @K plus i do separations and divorces for works everyday, so i know how people can reacts,but they are normal people.
    I never saw celebrities who gho to tabloids and say that kind of shits about her wives / husbunds. I do not hate her, but i do not respect her. She never even said one time "Michael is innocent",at least jason is doing it right now (in his own way, but i admitt he is doing it).

  28. *with normal people i mean they are not famous *
    and i do not respect her, because she never said clearly "he is innocent" she was always like just me said before. .'-)

  29. @ Anonymous - you know, my parents are divorced too. My stepfather divorced his first wife. Besides I know plenty of divorced people. Sorry, but I KNOW TOO! If people divorce - THEY HAVE REASONS!
    You NEVER saw celebrities going to the media talking about their ex-wives and ex-husbands saying MUCH WORSE things??? How old are you?.. Or you just don't read newspapers and never watch TV???

  30. @J First: i said "I NEVER SAW A CELEBRITY SAY THIS KIND OF SHIT" i did not say that i never saw celebrity say bad things.
    2)ok so lisa was a nice lady...and michael was the bad guy u know.
    3)Then she filed the divorce. Why are u attacking me just because I have not respect for her? it all started from me saying that i do not like michael's private life being sold that way, and lisa was an example.
    4) i never said that if people divorce they did not have reasons, but i clearly said that ATTACKING UR EX and TALKING about ur ex ALWAYS on the media it's different kind of thing. Once Janet asked Opra to do not talk about her brother, but talk about her, why didn't lisa do the same? And why file a divorce and after still trying to get in contact with ur ex(yes she did...both of them stated that, lisa said years, Michael said months) and at the same time talking about him on the news?
    Btw, this is how i feel about lisa, u can agree or disagree, but at least u totaly missed the point of my first message.
    6)Probably u think that I'm stupid because i do not agree with u?

  31. and btw, do not think that fans who do not have respect for her, are jelous. This is too easy to say and to think.
    many of us, SIMPLY do not like what she did AFTER the divorce, over the years. THAT'S ALL. .'-)
    i respect that they both loved each other, and I'm not jelous of their love, i simply thought she wouldn't going around and talking about him on and on and on like the others, and of course i hoped to hear at LEAST one time "he is innocent" and not like @just me reported "Er..hum...I wasn´t in the same room as him when he was with the children...". that's all.

  32. @ Anonymous: 1. So what did you mean by "this kind of shit"?
    2. I didn't say that MJ was a bad guy and Lisa Marie was a nice lady - I said that if people divorce there are reasons and things are never as primitive as "this one is bad" and "this one is nice".
    3. I didn't attack you. But I think that MJ's private life was a part of LM's private life when they were married - am I right? I couldn't care less about LM, but I simply don't understand fans' outburst of hatred towards her. I don't remember her saying something really bad about MJ (though I could miss smth., I don't follow her and I don't read all of her interviews). Her every mentioning of MJ is hugely exaggerated and blown out of proportion by some fans.
    4. Ha-ha, yes, perhaps her behaviour is not too noble towards MJ... But she could have said much worse things than "He was manipulative". Lol.
    As I said I have no idea why did she try to contact him. And what it has to do with her interviews. But I really don't care about LM. Maybe I will make a research about her marriage with MJ later, but I wouldn't say I'm really interested...
    5. Perhaps you're right, I don't remember even what the first message was about. I think LM wasn't even mentioned there?
    6. No. And my goal is not to make people agree with me, at least I don't expect it.
    I don't know whether fans are jealous or they have some other complicated feelings, but they are very biased. Actually fans tend to dislike almost everyone who was in MJ's circle, not only LM.

  33. @J i do not know what happend to the comments, now i see some of them
    1)i mean with shit do not clearly defend him and is innocence, FOR ONE TIME SHE COULD CLEARLY SAY HE WAS, instead of "i was not there etc etc"
    2)I did not say that divorced people do not have reasons to do that (apart from my own experience I' m a secretary in a legal office so i know many things)what i was pinti pout is that one thing is talking about ur ex with friends/family and so on, an the other is going to the media and talking about ur pvt life with ur ex for me. point. nothing more, nothing less.
    3) u are right, but can i say that i simply do not support they way she managed the "after divorce" inthrough the media? I have the same feeling reading other people/celebrities talking about other celebrities pvt lives. That's why i mentioned lisa marie while talking about jason, i was doing just an example . This is my point of wiev. nothing less nothing more.
    4)i do not laugh -
    5)i answered before
    6)i do not think so, at least u would try understand that i was referring to the way she managed the interaction with the media. "I don't know whether fans are jealous or they have some other complicated feelings, but they are very biased.Actually fans tend to dislike almost everyone who was in MJ's circle, not only LM." well let me say this, this is ur point of wiev of general fans. I'm not that way! I do not hate everybody around him! and guess what? i do not even hate lisa! I simply donot like how she managed the entire thing,that's why she gets me nervous. That's all.

  34. I can see all the comments. You were looking at the wrong thread.
    1. I don't know why you and some fans expect LM to defend her ex-husband...
    2. In most cases LM was asked about MJ, not that she was starting to talk about him herself. Yes, she could refuse to talk. But why she has to?
    3. Ok then.
    4. I can't be that serious.
    5. I missed everything.
    6. I stated my opinion too. I think that fans are biased. That's all.

  35. i simply do not like the way she managed everything with the media. it was her choice but, i can say that i do not like it,no? That's why she(and people/celebrities in general when they talk about private life of others) gets me angry and i do not like her. that's all. I know i can not change the celebrities world, but i do not like that aspect. Point. and i hope it's clear now. .'-)
    1)it's something respectful, i mean when the journalist asked to u about the allegations, why do not be "clear"? that kind of answers she did were almost confusing.
    5)i answered in the part 3.
    6) u should separates fanatics with no brain from fans with brain :D and i define myself in the second group :D(the group of fans that do not believe everything michael said was true and / or that he did always beautiful thing etc etc, or that everyone around him were monsters).'-)

  36. If you don't like Lisa Marie - that's ok to me. I don't care about her and about attitude towards her. I don't defend her, but personally I don't expect her to be too respectful or to show great nobleness. She is a human being like all other people.
    To tell you the truth I don't make typology of MJ's fans - it's not smth. that is interesting to me. Of course all people are different, some fans like A and dislike B, some - vice versa, some are smarter than others, but I'm sorry, I'm just describing tendencies as I see them being an impartial and not extremely thorough observer.

    Michael was no angel, but he did have love, he was a strong business man and the best father.
    Some family members have cashed in on his death and given that he was killed accidentally or not it just makes them look like opportunits. Not all of them are doing it, but the first thing should be to see that Murray goes to jail versus trying to get his money.
    Some people have been at it for years and I think some people are so hurt and fed up they are reacting with rage. There are people who should not be talking and since LM made it clear in life and even death what she really felt she is at the top of that list.
    I hope people will check facts carefully and look at the situations rightly. She has some fans that are crzier than MJ's will ever be. She even said that talking about MJ and pairing them as a couple is insulting to her and she doesn't want Lockwood hurt. Well, she saw to that, but people need to face facts. That was a mistake that ended long ago.

  38. @ Anonymous, I don't think that a lot of fans of MJ met Lisa Marie in person.

  39. Truth Prevail09/05/2012, 17:24

    Personally this blog to me it looks like the author just WANTS MJ to be gay.

    Sorry he a'int if he was gay they would have found a lot of gay stuff in his house when in fact it was heterosexual.

    Granted Michael may have looked like a women but i just never got that gay vibe from him that you would normally get from a gay guy. And guys like jason pheifer don't even make sense.

    and get your facts right "If you think that MJ was a womanizer with angelic wings who used make-up and false lashes because of vitiligo"

    well Karen Faye said he did she would know more about him than you and perhaps even if he did wear false lashes it was probably because of loss of hair caused by lupus. stop fantasiesing your own projection on Jackson.

  40. Truth Prevail09/05/2012, 17:29

    oh and you should take a hard look "AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR" who is the real crazy people here Jackson's fans or some guy who obsesses over a person he is NOT even a fan of perhaos not much excitement in your own life huh go jogging outside it will do you good :)

  41. @ Truth Prevail:
    "Personally this blog to me it looks like the author just WANTS MJ to be gay."

    Maybe you even know reasons why I want MJ to be gay?..
    Sorry, but I just KNOW that he was gay or maybe bisexual.

    "Sorry he a'int if he was gay they would have found a lot of gay stuff in his house when in fact it was heterosexual".

    There was gay stuff (as you call it) in MJ's house - check the list of things seized.

    "Granted Michael may have looked like a women but i just never got that gay vibe from him that you would normally get from a gay guy".

    Throw your gaydar to a trash can.
    Oh wait, are we talking about THE SAME Michael Jackson?..

    "and get your facts right "If you think that MJ was a womanizer with angelic wings who used make-up and false lashes because of vitiligo"

    well Karen Faye said he did she would know more about him than you and perhaps even if he did wear false lashes it was probably because of loss of hair caused by lupus".

    It doesn't take an expert to realize that MJ used to wear makeup, false lashes, etc. (And you know for some reason most men don't wear false lashes - even if they have hair loss...)

    "stop fantasiesing"

    What does this word mean?..

    "oh and you should take a hard look "AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR" who is the real crazy people here Jackson's fans or some guy who obsesses over a person he is NOT even a fan of perhaos not much excitement in your own life huh go jogging outside it will do you good :)"

    Err, for someone who lives in UK your English is way too difficult to understand...
    First of all, I'm not a "he", second - "obsessed" is a way too strong word to describe my attitude towards MJ, and third - sorry, I don't like jogging.
    And why not to take your own advice and to do smth. useful instead of writing comments to the blog of someone whose opinion differs so much from yours?..