28 Nov 2010

About penises

Here, in the blog of a girl named Desiree that I have mentioned already, there is a picture from infamous Victor Gutierrez book "Michael Jackson was my lover". Allegedely it is a drawing of MJ's private parts made by Jordan Chandler . MJ had to undergo strip search thanx to this drawing. (I hope those who might read my scribbles are aware of these events and have heard of the book by Gutierrez. I don't think that too many people read it, because it's a kind of a rare book. It is possible to find it on Amazon, but I'm still not that crazy to spend even $179 (plus shipping) for it).
Actually this picture is even not a picture, but some random thoughts about the... well... subject by Jordie Chandler. And about Brett Barnes, another young friend of MJ (a possible victim of child abuse as well, though he himself denied it during 2005 trial).
According to Jordan's description MJ was circumcised as well as Jordan himself (Jordan's father was jewish, jews undergo circumcision at a young age - it's a part of their religion. It's an exotic thing in my country, but as far as I understood, a lot of men in U.S. who are not jews or muslims are circumsized too. Perhaps they think in U.S. that it is hygienic, but I never made research on the subject).
In the reality MJ was NOT circumcised (see his autopsy report).
Of course one may argue that if a penis is fully erected it is hard to detect whether it is circumcised or not. Especially by someone who is not a great specialist in dicks (we have to believe that a child is not a great specialist in this field). But let's read this "drawing". It gives us interesting details about how Brett Barnes masturbates... (By the way I wonder how Jordie learned this breathtakingly interesting info about Brett? Did Brett himself told him? Why would Jordie include it in this description?.. Actually I have plenty of questions!) So it means that Jordie was quite well aware about differences in how circumcised and uncircumcised men masturbate. In case Jordan observed MJ masturbating he should have noticed differences.
By the way, according to Diane Dimond (who, as far as I know, was the first one to claim that Arnie Klein is a biological father of MJ's kids - it says a couple of things about this lady as a source of information. Well, besides the fact that she is a journalist...) and her book "Be Careful Who You Love" there was a dark spot on MJ's penis (on the lower left side... Where is it geographically?..). According to Dimond it was exactly there where Jordie Chandler said it was. But why it is not mentioned in this description?.. Is it even a drawing that was given to the police? Where did Gutierrez get it?
I have too many questions.

To be continued.


  1. i have just a question : jordan as far as i know was jew, so didn't he know something about circumcision?strange

  2. Yes, I think perhaps he could be more aware about differencies berween circumsized and uncircumsized penises than most 13 y.o.

  3. that's what i think too