19 Nov 2010


Yesterday I had a kind of nightmare: someone wanted to sue me for something that I made online. It inspired me to start this blog. (I want smileys here!)
For some reason the two subjects that I am constantly thinking about and searching for the last year are colour analysis and Michael Jackson. I think I will not write about colour analysis here, but I just have a need to put some of my thoughts about MJ on paper (well, on electronic paper). Of course I could do it not online, but a part of me wants fame communication with those who may have a couple of interesting thoughts and some interesting information as well. Also this blog allows to put links here. I don't know whether this going to be a long blog or not, I can get tired of it very soon, I can keep it for years... Time will show.


  1. i know u decided to do not talk about colour analysis, but could u give me some links where i can read about that?? it sounds interesting.
    I'm startin new passions (apart from my old(and the most important) passion for MJ) and many of them are connected to colours.

  2. I meant seasonal colour analisys. I know some good sites, but unfortunately they are not in English. This one is English and it is interesting: http://12blueprints.com

  3. thank u...it seems interesting