13 Dec 2010

Tatiana Thumbtzen

I'm reading a book called "The Way He Made Me Feel" - something like memoirs of Tatiana Thumbtzen. (Thanx to a wonderful online source of books about MJ!) If this lady didn't exist she would be worth of invention!
Die-hard fans have to know her - she appeared in MJ's video "The Way You Make Me Feel" (end of 80-s, "Bad" album, MJ is still quite dark and obviously pretty as hell). Then she took part (for a couple of shows) in MJ's Bad tour.
A lot of people give interviews or write stories in their blogs about how they met MJ or how they worked with him, but this lady I believe is the first one to publish a full book on the subject!.. Actually it looks like an extensive interview.
I can't decide yet what prevails in her: a totally crazy fan or a shrewd girl who made a couple of bucks and 15 minutes of fame on MJ? Or is it actually a story for little stupid girls who have tendency to fall in love with wrong guys?.. The more I read, the more the last option seems to be the right one.
Tatiana isn't too good with dates and mathematics. She met MJ on the set of "The Way You Make Me Feel" on August 29, 1987 (according to Tatiana herself). She says that it was MJ's 31 birthday. Actually it was his 29 birthday. There were some other inaccuracies as well. Her meeting with MJ on set of "The Way You Make Me Feel" was not the first one. She saw him in New York in 1984 (it is described in one chapter of the book), according to another chapter it was during filming of "The Wiz". "The Wiz" was about 1979 actually though...
Tatiana describes an episode that took place during shooting of "The Way You Make Me Feel". There was a scene in the car, and she fell out of the car accidentally on her butt. MJ started to laugh (oh, not too polite, but I can understand him) and then started wiping her butt off. According to Tatiana it was a sign of MJ flirting with her. Yeah. Guys, never try to shake dust off someone's butt in case you have no desire to marry that dusty butt girl!
There are some pictures in the book and I wonder why MJ's face is covered on those pics?
Tatiana's history with Michael Jackson includes 4 days of filming "The Way You Make Me Feel" with a couple of little coversations, one day on set of another video, several photos and little conversation as well (including her ride home with MJ in his limo), several days on tour (rehearsals and their joint performance) without any conversations at all, talking on the phone one time during the tour before her last show when she kissed MJ at the end of their performance (she was fired after it), a couple of meetings with MJ's family (mother and father, MJ not included), after which Joe Jackson became her manager. He was Tatiana's manager for several months and didn't make anything positive for the starlet to become a star or at least to help her earn some money for bread and butter. And yes, neither Joe Jackson, nor Katherine Jackson (and people around them including) were helpful for Tatiana to get in touch with MJ (her idol, as she called him). The most funny thing is that some people actually believed, that she and MJ were a couple. (Well, all this according to Tatiana herself). Later though she met him one more time at a ceremony of some award. She was presenting this award to MJ. Of course she didn't have an opportunity to talk to him. Actually she admits that MJ did everything possible to stay away from her.
Tatiana mentions an interesting thing in her book: according to her Hugh Hefner was a good friend of MJ. (That's why Hefner didn't allow her to make a photoshoot for Playboy - because it could be "anti MJ"). I wonder why LaToya did a Playboy photoshoot? Her family was not pleased about it... Though perhaps MJ wasn't against it. Hm.
In 1993 Tatiana decided (herself) to give interviews to support MJ. And even said during one of those interviews that she and MJ were dating for a while - which was not true as she admitted in the book. She wanted MJ to be grateful for her support... Ah well.
Well, the end.
So... Yeah. It's a story for little stupid girls who have tendency to fall in love with wrong guys and to create idols. The problem is little stupid girls are just too stupid to comprehend it. I'm not even sure that Tatiana herself understood the moral of her own story. But I do understand why some fans like her. She is from the same brood. As far as I know there is a new book by T.Thumbtzen. About the same MJ.

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