1 Dec 2010

About penises. More rhetorical questions

First of all how penis would be in plural form?..
But I will not continue with philology, I'll continue with rhetorical questions about the "drawing".
Why does it say: "My theory ass-blotched shades of brown" and something else. What theory does the person who wrote it (Jordan?) meant? Does it mean that this person was not sure about blotches?.. And who is Orietta? Is it a kind of bleaching cream? Why is it called Orietta, it has a different name. Or Orietta means Orietta Murdoch, a lady who used to work for MJ? What she has to do with MJ's genitals description?..
By the way, why Desiree decided that "the testicles of someone without skin pigment would most likely appear pinkish due to the abundance of blood vessels and capillaries in that region". It's a quote from her blog. The girl haven't seen enough testicles, I believe...
Ok, nevermind.
I wonder what descripton was provided to police in reality and did MJ's team know what was in that description? Actually it could be a key even to future infamous settlement.

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  1. i do not know about the description of the photos , but i read somewhere that Jordan said michael was circumcised when if u read at the autospy he was not.
    Btw I agree regarding desirèe's blog :D