29 Aug 2011

Everything You Wanted To Know About Michael Jackson And Ready To Speculate About

I can't remember anyone - any celebrity or historical personality - who was surrounded by as much mystery and questions as Michael Jackson. Everything around him is intertwined in such a tight knot that you never know where reality ends and gossips and wild fantasy begins. Every little piece of information has to be checked twice or three times. There are no reliable sources of information here - forget about it!
I decided to make a list of biggest mysteries around MJ that people (fans and non-fans) can't stop to argue about. Perhaps this list had to be in the beginning of my blog - but good ideas always come too late, you know...
Do you know what I find to be really very weird? That we know for sure where and when Michael Jackson was born - 29 of August, 1958. (Though some hotheads would introduce the wildest theories about it too of course). I know answers to some of these questions and I have considered opinions about others, but I wouldn't put any comments - let it be just a list of everything you wanted to know about Michael Jackson, don't know for sure, but ready to speculate about.

  1. How did MJ's skin turn from brown to white?
  2. Did he have vitiligo?
  3. Did MJ hate being black?
  4. How many plastic surgeries did he have?
  5. What was the reason/reasons for plastic surgeries?
  6. What was MJ's sexual orientation?
  7. Who did he sleep with?
  8. Was MJ a paedophile/child molester?
  9. Did MJ molest Gavin Arvizo/Jordan Chandler/someone else/none of them?
  10. Was MJ's marriage to Lisa-Marie Presley a sham/publicity stunt?
  11. Why did MJ married Debbie Rowe?
  12. Did MJ ever have sex with his wives?
  13. Who is the mother of Blanket Jackson?
  14. Are MJ's children biologically his?
  15. Did MJ fake his death?
  16. Was there conspiracy against MJ?
  17. Is MJ's will fake?
I couldn't recall anything connected with MJ's creative work that would be a mystery discussed by everyone...
If I forgot something please feel free to tell me about it - I'll include it into my list.


  1. How I want to know all answers. But I strongly believe he was innocent of the allegations.
    In the end I just want the truth. Good or Bad.

  2. Perhaps I want answers to some questions more than to the others. And I want to know the truth too.
    Truth is always somewhere in between...

  3. Honestly? The one and only thing that makes me range my teeth is someone calling him a molester. I´m not typical I know lol.
    They can call him gay, say that he bleached his skin, that he was a drug addict...but please don´t call him a child molester.

  4. I'm fascinated by MJ's sexual orientation (along with the rest of the world)

  5. @ Just Me - calling someone a child molester is a serious allegation. Child molestation is criminal. So people who call him a child molester make me cringe too. Produce proofs before you call someone a criminal! All other things... Well, it was MJ's personal business, hmm...
    @ fern - lol, MJ was extremely good in concealing his sexual life!

  6. "but please don´t call him a child molester." standing ovation