27 Aug 2011

Witnesses And Participants

September is going to be an interesting and busy month. There are at least two trials scheduled for September that will attract heightened interest of yours truly. First of all it is People vs. Conrad Murray - at last! The second one will be an assize that includes relationships between Dr. Arnie Klein and his former assistant Jason Pfeiffer. Perhaps it is not obvious from the first glance to someone who is not acquainted with the situation yet what those two courtroom battles have in common. Though actually they are really intertwined. Both Dr. Klein and Jason Pfeiffer are possible witnesses in People vs. Conrad Murray. Though prosecution seek to exclude them both from the trial. (For some reason Jason Pfeiffer is called Pfiffer in this motion as well as on the list of potential witnesses. Also it's really weird to me that some of the witnesses were not interviewed by defense and prosecution. Their testimonies could be "surprise - surprise" to everybody in case they would have a chance to be witnesses).
In January of 2011 Dr. Arnold Klein filed for bankruptcy. Later he started to claim that his former employees Jason Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji stole several millions from him (the numbers were always different - from $3.2 million to $12 million). Then he sued Jason and Muhammad. Jason Pfeiffer (who wanted to sue his former employer back in the winter but was unable to do this due to laws that prohibit to sue a person who filed for bankruptcy - I can be not very correct here because I'm not a U.S. citizen and I know really very little about U.S. laws) filed a counterclaim. It was discussed already in the media by TMZ and even Diane Dimond wrote an article about it. I can add only that history of Jason's employment put in short in the counterclaim contains even more gross and stinky (pun intended) facts about Dr. Klein. Personally I feel that I know already too much about Arnie.
Perhaps mass media wouldn't pay too much (if any) attention to Jason's counterclaim if Michael Jackson was not mentioned in it. Here we have a close connection between People vs. Conrad Murray and Jason Pfeiffer vs. Arnold Klein (or vice versa, I have no idea how to call it).
I'll quote everything from Jason's counterclaim that is connected with MJ:

21. In or around October 2008, Klein was contacted by Michael Jackson, who told Klein that he (Michael) needed to “get out of a court appearance” and needed a “doctor’s note.” Klein told Michael that Klein would take care of it. Klein then told Pfeiffer that Klein would write a note stating that Michael had MRSA infection (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and Klein instructed Pfeiffer to get a cotton swab and swab Pfeiffer’s own nose so that Klein could fabricate test results showing that Michael had MRSA. Pfeiffer refused, telling Klein this was not ethical, so Klein swabbed Klein’s own nose instead. Klein then asked Pfeiffer to compose a letter to the courts in London stating that Michael Jackson was too sick to travel due to having MRSA infection. Pfeiffer refused to do this. Klein was upset with Pfeiffer but found another employee to write the court letter for Michael Jackson.
22. Throughout 2009, Michael Jackson was a frequent patient of Klein. Several times, Klein told Pfeiffer to help Michael down to the car because Michael was too drugged up and disoriented to stand on his own. Pfeiffer told Klein repeatedly that Pfeiffer was uncomfortable doing this, but Pfeiffer did help Michael each time asked, out of concern for Michael’s safety. Pfeiffer told Klein many times that although Pfeiffer is not a doctor, Pfeiffer and Klein’s own nurses were worried that Michael was being “overmedicated” by Klein. Klein retorted to Pfeiffer that he, Klein, knew what he was doing and that Pfeiffer should keep his mouth shut.
23. Toward the end of June 2009, Klein told Pfeiffer that Michael Jackson was having trouble sleeping, and Klein said that he was going to prescribe muscle relaxers in Pfeiffer’s name as the patient but that Pfeiffer should pick up the prescription and then arrange for Michael to pick up the medication from Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer refused to comply with this scheme. Michael Jackson called Pfeiffer shortly after this conversation, and Michael asked Pfeiffer to find Michael an anesthesiologist. Pfeiffer told Michael that he, Pfeiffer, couldn’t do that, and advised Michael to call Klein directly. Pfeiffer immediately called Klein and told Klein that he, Pfeiffer, wanted “no part in this.”

That's all.
Michael Jackson is not the only celebrity mentioned in the counterclaim. Arnie also provided a famous actress (whose name is not mentioned) with painkillers that she didn't need and prescribed Cialis to a celebrity architect using Pfeiffer's name. (Btw, personally I find it weird that a person needs a prescription for smth. that makes his penis erect. U.S. laws are strange. End of off-topic).
One may wonder whether information about Klein's unethical and/or illegal medical practice concerning MJ is relevant in the Conrad Murray trial. Personally I have no idea. Demerol that Klein injected MJ with was not present in his system according to the autopsy - and it is not surprising because Michael's last visit to Klein's office was on 22 of June, 2009. He was injected with Restylane and had an "i.m. injection" that means Demerol. Demerol leaves a body quite fast.
It is worth mentioning that according to Wikipedia Demerol "can also interact with a number of other medications, including muscle relaxants, some antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and alcohol". MJ had muscle relaxants prescribed by Arnold Klein found in his house... "Pethidine [Demerol] is also relatively contraindicated for use when a patient is suffering from liver, or kidney disease, has a history of seizures or epilepsy, has an enlarged prostate". According to the autopsy MJ had enlarged prostate. But I'm not a medical expert, besides I have no idea to what extent Dr. Arnold Klein was aware about MJ's state of health.
I don't know whether Conrad Murray is the only person responsible for MJ's death. (Sometimes it seems to me that it was solely MJ's own stupidity and Murray's stupidity, greed and overwhelming irresponsibility, sometimes I'm lashed with a wave of suspiciousness and conspiracy theories). I'm quite sure that Arnold Klein needs to be investigated for his questionable medical practice, but it's a different story (from my point of view).
Probably MJ's entangled relationships with drugs can be discussed during the People vs. Murray trial. Though even in case MJ was heavily drug-addicted (with very healthy liver... Hmmm...) - does it have smth. to do with Murray's irresponsible behavior?.. Conrad Murray can be compared with drug dealers here. Are drug dealers supposed to be criminals in U.S.?..
I really doubt that anyone would ask Jason Pfeiffer about his love story with MJ. It is even less relevant here. If defense is going to push their theory of MJ being suicidal availability of a boyfriend (in addition to three underaged kids to take care of) would be too contradictory.

I'm waiting for decision of judge Pastor to the motion in limine.

P.S. Arnie Klein is banned from testifying - well, I'm not surprised... Judging by Arnie's reaction in his FB he is glad. That's no surprise as well.

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