24 Jul 2012

Katherine Jackson Is Still Missing

The Jacksons are able to give headache even to me, a complete stranger.
I turned on my computer today only to find out that the family drama continues!
This what TMZ reports: http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/24/katherine-jackson-michael-jackson-family-lawyers-ambushed/
MJ's kids are still unable to talk to their grandmother, and Paris Jackson tweets this:
My congratulations go to her aunts and uncles: they receive first prise of the fools contest! They managed to alienate Michael's kids, Michael's fans and (I wouldn't be surprised) their own mom (I hope she is ok...), police is already involved! I think they need to make a couple of arrests or smth.
Paris, Prince and Blanket need to run away from their beloved family as soon and as fast as they can!

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