25 Jul 2012


It was weird yesterday, today it starts to look frightening.
The clan got divided: Marlon, Jackie and Tito (who decided to withdraw his signature from the letter to MJ's estate executors) have no idea what is going on with their mother, Randy claims that Katherine is with Rebbie and "relaxing". Also Randy told Al Sharpton that he and Janet Jackson went to the Calabasas mansion to let Paris and Prince know that they can visit with or talk to their grandma at any time. While TMZ issued video of that warm family meeting where someone looking like Janet Jackson is trying to take away something looking like a mobile phone from someone looking like Paris Jackson. There was also someone's bald head looking like Randy Jackson's bald head in the video. (TMZ even wrote that there was exchange of punches between Janet and Paris, but Paris denied it on twitter). Randy said that he and his siblings were denied access to the kids, here is the quote: When we got to the home, we were kind of denied access to our home by security and trench and that never happened.
Err... Really?..
I haven't heard yet from LaToya and Joseph Jackson. They rarely miss a chance to take part in family showdowns, so I'm extremely surprised!
So far the situation doesn't look good...
If we are still in our right mind and we don't consider Prince, Paris and Blanket as co-conspirators conspiring to drive all their relatives to early grave than I can't imagine why Katherine didn't dial Paris phone number and say "Hi". As the TMZ video shows at least Paris keeps her mobile phone. I believe Katherine must know her granddaughter's number. Why she doesn't call?.. Why Randy or Janet couldn't place a call to Rebbie several days ago to say: "Tell mom to call Paris and calm her down!" I can think of two possible reasons - and I don't like both. First reason: Katherine is physically unable to talk. Second reason: Katherine is hold hostage and she refuses to do what her kids try to make he to do. Though I can think of a third reason: Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie themselves have no idea where is their mother. Have you ever heard about those elderly people who leave their homes and get lost?..

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