21 Sep 2012

Michael Jackson Sex Tape?

Surfing through the net yesterday I found something interesting (possibly juicy) and completely overlooked yet: http://4umf.com/micheal-jackson-sex-videochris-brown-gay-pics/
I'll quote the part that is closely connected with the subject of my blog:
"the owner of these alleged Chris Brown gay pics says he also has a Micheal Jackson sex video. Plus he said that Micheal Jackson had signed him to work with him but the relationship changed into a personal one. He claims he has a 30-minute video of him and Micheal Jackson making out which leads to a big sexcapade with him and the King of Pop".
Yeah, sex tape!
This owner is a guy called Trend Rovheir (also known as Tie'Lonzo Rovheir): http://www.prlog.org/11966447-tielonzo-rovheir-emerges-from-darkside-of-lust-and-hiphop.html
I have no idea where did this young man emerge from or whether anybody ever heard about him, but it seems like he is really serious about writing a book, at least judging by his twitter: https://twitter.com/TieLonzoRovheir
This is what he wrote on Michael's birthday: https://twitter.com/TieLonzoRovheir/status/240976750996230144
Does the guy really has this sex tape or is it his vivid imagination?..
He needs to be aware of Michael's fans with bazookas! Besides I'm sure even in case the tape does exist and even in case there is Michael on it doing something sexual with another man fans will claim that it's a look-alike!


  1. mmmm i do not think it's true....just for one reason: i do not think michael was the kind of person to do a sex tape.

  2. I agree, it's doubtful, but who knows... Something could be, say, shot by accident. In any case time will show - or will not!

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  4. What? I didn't know it until now! LOL Me, who never lose track of that rumors! xD But I don't believe it either. But maybe this guy was really Michael's friend at the least.
    btw two gay rumors that year lmao I know I'm being lame but some fans deserve it. Scott Thorson apparently is battling a cancer and some fans say it's karma...ugh.

    1. I stumbled upon this info just by accident - it seems like noone paid attention to it.
      I've read about Thorson. Sad if true. Ugh, fans need to think about their own karma...