20 Jun 2013

Scott Thorson On Michael Jackson: True Or False?

What a story is unfolding before our eyes!..
HBO channel recently released a movie "Behind the Candelabra" about relationships between famous American pianist and showman Liberace and his much younger lover Scott Thorson with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. This movie was a real success, I managed to watch it and I liked it too - very funny and sincere story. The film is based on a book written in the end of 80-s by Scott Thorson himself. As readers of my blog probably know Thorson also claimed that he had a fling with Michael Jackson: http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.ru/2012/05/more-about-scott-thorson-and-michael.html, http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.ru/2012/05/fans-on-scott-thorson-and-myths-about.html
The real Scott Thorson has an interesting life - besides the fact that he was a boy-toy of the famous showman (and there is a possibility that not of only one famous showman), he was also a drug-addict, a witness in a murder case, he was shot 5 times, but survived, then he was in jail himself in 2008, released, diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, then accused of using a credit card that didn't belong to him, then bailed out by a brothel owner after the HBO movie and due to be back in jail on 3-rd of July.
As someone wrote on IMDB - he is a guy to whom things happen. (Probably if my blog wasn't solely about Michael Jackson I would go into detail trying to find more information about Scott).
What does temporary free Scott Thorson is doing now?
He lives now at Bunny Ranch - it's a brothel, whose owner Dennis Hof bailed him out. I suspect that Hof just decided that it would be great promotion for his establishment - even I write about him now! LOL! Scott has a HUGE payday now and he is really busy giving tons of interviews left and right to any mass media that is willing to give him some time and space. Just several links to Scott's interviews below (I suspect it's very far from a full list though):

The View: http://watchabc.go.com/the-view/SH559080/VDKA0_5y12fwc6/the-view-614

Opie & Anthony Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbQxEf5n96M

Lamont and Tonelli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QX8okAlnaY

The Artie Lange Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQNOFa5_efw&%20sns=tw

Howard Stern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1MlPbfH1CY

In every interview Thorson is talking about his relationship with Liberace and with Michael Jackson. Although he told us probably more than the world had to know (including what types of sex he had with both Lee and Michael and how penises of both looked like) there are still questions, because there are inconsistencies regarding his relationship with Michael, especially if we keep in mind Scott's 2004 interview to National Enquirer and 2002 interview to Larry King.
I have to say that all those interviewers in the above videos SUCK. They talk too much, they simply don't listen to the interviewee and at the same time they don't ask questions to make the picture clear and logical. (Well, maybe I'm too strict: they are not investigators or prosecutors after all, LOL!)
If I were in their shoes I would ask Scott the following things about Michael:
  • Was Scott on drugs during their relationship? (Does he remember everything correctly?)
  • What did he do for living at the time?
  • What did Michael think about Scott's palimony suit against Liberace?
  • Did Michael give him presents? (What were those presents?)
  • Where did they have encounters? How often?
  • Why did Scott tell National Enquirer in 2004 that they split because MJ had child porn (or did he really say that?) and why he tells a different story now?
  • Was he Michael's "first"?
  • Did he ever meet Michael after their split?
  • Who was aware about their relationship?
Waiting  for the show to be continued... (With Scott as a male bunny in pink. He used to be blond after all!)


  1. In fact Scott's interviews are a hot mess...and he contradicts himself in some things. In 2004 he said they only had a brief fling (If I recall correctly) now he says they shared a six year relationship. And he claims Michael's innocence when in 2004 he alleged seeing him with a magazine with underage boys. I don't know, even if he's saying the truth he shouldn't share these details. I mean, he's talking too much!
    I thought about several hipotesis:

    a)He's lying at all;
    b)He did have in fact something with Michael but is stretching the truth now;
    c)he lied about the magazine in the past and he's saying the truth now.

    As for the 2002 interview I remember he said Liberace was his only gay relationship. So:

    a) He's lying about Michael;
    b) He had something with Michael but he preferred not say anything.

    I'm curious at his next book but we don't know how true are his claims...

    1. You sumed it up perfectly.
      I wish someone would ask him why his stories changed rather significantly throughout the years... But people in mass media never seem to do any research!
      According to Roger Jacobs (I found his article about Thorson some times ago - http://www.popmatters.com/pm/column/93764-depression-2.0-sunday-in-kerouac-alley) Thorson was in dire straits in 2004, that's why he was looking for an outlet to sell his story. (BTW, right now I noticed this phrase in Jacob's blog (or whatever it is): "The story that Scott Thorson offered for sale that April afternoon in 2004 was, as expected, a sordid tale, this one involving his ongoing love affair in the ‘80s with a pop music superstar long-rumored to be gay" (page 3). "Ongoing" means it wasn't something short?.. It's an interesting choice of words, I think). Last year Thorson wasn't too eager to talk about MJ in his ET Online interview. But the word was said, so of course now everybody asks him about Michael. And Scott seems to really enjoy all the attention that he has now - it makes him talkative. But does it make him reveal things that he probably wouldn't say under other circumstances or does it make him invent things?..

  2. Not only that, scott says he went on tours with him, including the thillier tour in europe, there was neverno damn thillier tour. He was still with his brothers and victory tour in 1984.

  3. My view is that it's difficult to know whether to believe anything Scott Thorson says. He seems like a very disturbed man. In the book Behind the Candelabra, he says his mother had bipolar disorder. Thorson may very well have inherited it. Some people with bipolar disorder can be very inconsistent, saying one thing, then saying something totally different, contradicting themselves, etc. (I know; I once dated a man with bipolar disorder). So perhaps in a way Scott Thorson is a man to be pitied and who may be best-off in a mental hospital rather than prison.