4 Jul 2013


This blog was supposed to be for just rant purposes at first - so why not to return to origins?
I don't have too much to say, I just have several subjects on my mind.
Is it normal to keep people in hospital for so long after suicidal attempts? Does Paris really needs so much brainwashing, I mean therapy?.. What is Debbie Rowe's role in all this drama?
Just from my point of view Paris actually really needs just to grow very thick skin and a good portion of cynicism. Oh, and to have her caring relatives at a good distance. BTW what was wrong with allowing her to go to Marilyn Manson show? I guess the family could afford it and nothing would happen to Paris at the concert with a bunch of bodyguards. Besides just a couple of days before the suicidal attempt Prince attended a concert with his girlfriend. So?..
Meanwhile Prince gave a testimony at court. It's really interesting that he saw Randy Philips at the house talking to Conrad Murray.
Isn't it too much of coincidence that Wade Robson came out with his claims (what is his soft spot I wonder?..) and tabloids dug out a 20-year old story about a couple who worked at Neverland?..
So far Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial cleared to me why MJ behaved oddly before his passing - most probably adverse effects of propofol in form of lack of normal sleep.
And that good looking doctor with unpronounceable last name implanted an anti-drug patch in Michael's abdomen - I think it was removed later, that's why Michael had a scar there.

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