6 Mar 2012

Arnold Klein - A Friend of Michael Jackson?

This blog is certainly not about Arnie Klein, but since he produces soo much mess around Michael Jackson's name on his FB page I'm going to write another blogpost mentioning him.
What really amazes me is that there are some people who seem to really believe Arnie's ramblings - at least judging by comments to his FB posts. He's got fans!
As you may know about a year ago Arnie started to accuse his former employees Muhammad Khilji (I'm really sorry if I make mistakes in his name) and Jason Pfeiffer of embezzling Klein's money. The sum keeps increasing: in the beginning it was 10 million dollars, the last time I checked it was 22 millions.
His next move was to sue both Khilji and Pfeiffer - they answered with counter-suits. Counter-suit of Jason Pfeiffer contained plenty of impressive details about his former boss. (Don't forget to click the links!)
I'm really unable to recall all the people Arnold Klein accused already (former employees, lawyers, etc.) and all the accusations - they appear regularly and keep becoming more and more ridiculous. (Arnie has plenty of enemies - he makes them way too easy). One of his favourite... um... villains is certainly Jason Pfeiffer. First he was just a liar and a fraud, recently he became a killer (in Klein's sick imagination of course).
In the end of 2009 it was reported that one of Klein's former employees was found dead in Los Angeles. Bruce Ayers died of acute alcohol intoxication according to his autopsy. There are some hot heads among fans of Michael Jackson who try to find some conspiracy everywhere, but upon reading the autopsy personally I didn't find anything strange in this death. Bruce Ayers wasn't found in the alley of Klein's office (Southern San Vincente Boulevard is far from the place where Klein's office situated at the time), he had an almost empty bottle of vodka with him and he was not a friend of MJ. Besides the guy was an obvious drug and alcohol abuser with fatty liver, atrophic/fibrotic pancreas and some other health problems.
Recently Arnie posted a photo of a CD autographed by Michael Jackson.

It reads: "To Bruce" - supposedly to Bruce Ayers.
"Jason gave these items to my house man Alex for massages after Bruce died. Did Bruce get help to OD" - Arnold Klein wrote as a comment to the photo.
Yeah, we have a real detective story here!
So, Klein hints that Jason Pfeiffer helped Ayers to OD. Criminal acts like this have to have a motive, don't they? Bruce Ayers died in December of 2009. He was fired in the beginning of 2009. Why would Jason Pfeiffer need his death?.. To take possession of his belongings?.. Like this CD? Um, I guess price of MJ's autographs rose after his death, but actually it's not something extremely rare, smth. to kill people for (at least for someone with millions stolen from Klein already! LOL!)
This CD reminded me of something familiar - there was an auction of Arnie's belongings in January; several CDs with autographs by MJ were auctioned: http://www.bonhams.com/usa/auction/20105/lot/1064/. Two CDs on the left look suspiciously similar to the one on the picture posted by Klein. It's difficult to me to make out what is written on those CDs, but it looks like there are different names on them - to Scott, to Jin (or Jim maybe) and "Love to Klein". I don't know what is written on the first one and I just wonder who are Scott and Jin?.. As well as why both CDs were in Klein's possession. I suspect that the situation was quite simple: once Michael Jackson signed several CDs for Arnold Klein and his entourage - including Bruce Ayers. Then Bruce Ayers was fired and left the CD in Klein's office - that's how the CD got in Arnie's possession. Though perhaps there was one more stage: the one who got the CD was Alex Rivera (he is a masseur) - just put in his pocket this property in abeyance and then returned it to Klein recently.

(I hope it was not Alex who helped Bruce Ayers to OD, I don't believe that anyone would want to help the poor guy to OD - I don't know and I can't imagine any reason for it). Who dragged Jason Pfeiffer into the story - Alex or Arnie?
Arnie Klein totally disgusts me by now.
This "friend" of MJ does almost everything that a normal friend shouldn't do: he inflates a ridiculous rumour that he might be a biological father of MJ's kids endowing the controversy around them, he speaks on TV about MJ's health (which is a breach of doctor's ethics), he does everything to harm a person who was MJ's boyfriend slandering him in every possible way and suing him... He even "outed" MJ - though it doesn't seem like Michael would be too happy about it.
The funniest - the most preposterous thing here is that some fans of Michael Jackson prefer to be on the side of Arnie Klein and to believe his lies. Arnie "admitted that he lied about relationship between MJ and Jason" - fans are eager to believe him now. It's unbearable when your world is collapsing, isn't it?..
Is Arnold Klein a friend or a foe of Michael Jackson?.. An enemy in disguise of a friend?
What this "friend" was doing to MJ throughout his life? Why was he giving MJ all those doses of Demerol during the last months of Michael's life? Why does he deny that he gave MJ Demerol on May of 2009 so furiously now? When did Michael's "relationship" with Demerol started and who helped it?
Why, why, why?..
Is it envy towards Michael's greatness, anger of a gravely ill person, pure craziness or maybe MJ stole a march on Klein? I'm afraid I'll never get an answer to this question.

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