9 Sep 2011

Why Do I Believe Jason Pfeiffer

How many people on Earth believe that Jason Pfeiffer was a boyfriend of Michael Jackson? Umm... I'm afraid their number is under one hundred. (Well, of course most people couldn't care less!) And yes, I'm among this minority.
Why do I find Jason Pfeiffer to be believable?
No, not because I find it cool to be in the minority and to feel like an initiate. And not just because Jason Pfeiffer is a great guy. And not even because I always thought that MJ was as gay as they come.
The first time I heard about Jason Pfeiffer's existence was about two years ago, when Australian magazine "Woman's Day" published this article and some other news outlets published similar stories. According to the comments most people didn't believe it. For different reasons - either they thought that Jason Pfeiffer was too old, weighted too much or simply was of a wrong gender.
Did I pay attention to those articles? "It's so unbelievable that it must be true" - I told myself. And I started to make research. First of all I found out that Jason Pfeiffer was a real person (yeah, lol!) and he really worked for Arnold Klein. I was paying quite close attention to Dr. Klein at the time because of rumors of him being a biological father of MJ's children. I read his twitter, and one day Klein gave a link to Jason's twitter referring to him as "a very good friend" of MJ. I started to read Jason's twits as well, though there were just a few.
There were not a lot of events until late April of the next year. As I learnt later in October of the previous year journalist Alicia Jacobs made two interviews - one with Jason Pfeiffer, the other one - with his boss Arnold Klein. Several months later Alicia Jacobs sold those interviews to Extra TV. They were edited to death and were meant to be shown in two parts. First part was really shown, the second part was never aired - for an unknown reason. (Alicia Jacobs later put to her blog a little bit more extended version than the one which is on the site of Extra, but it doesn't exist anymore unfortunately. There was a cameo of Dr. Klein in it. I'll return to it later). TMZ and Arnie added fuel to the fire several days later.
Fans were desperate! "Fat lying bastards" were the nicest epithets applied to Pfeiffer and Klein. Weirdest gossips started to circulate on fan boards: for example that Klein and Pfeiffer were lovers and MJ found them together doing something inappropriate in his bathroom. And much more. Fans hate when people tell weird and disrespectful things about Michael Jackson, but they do exactly the same to other people. Well, I was reading it, laughing in front of my computer and slowly continuing my research.
Right before the Extra piece was to be aired Jason Pfeiffer deleted his twitter account - not to be bombarded with hateful comments I believe. Later I found Jason's facebook account and tried to add him as a friend. To my surprise Jason added me. What was the first thing I started to do? Of course I started to read Jason's wall. And I found out that his friends were presenting their condolences to Jason right after MJ's passing. (Two months before the story about MJ and Jason being boyfriends first broke). Would people present their condolences to a person in case one of the clients of this person's boss would die?.. More than doubtfully. I will not quote anything here - I find it not ethical. But my doubts were almost completely dismissed.
After the Extra scandal broke a guy named Paul Camuso who had a twitter account and was followed by both Jason Pfeiffer and Arnold Klein started to defend them and even decided to make a non-edited interview with Jason. This interview was never put on Youtube, but later Paul Camuso mentioned on his twitter that there is a site where one can read transcript of the original interview that Alicia Jacobs made with Jason Pfeiffer. I was looking for it desperately but couldn't find until someone in the vast ocean of Internet mentioned the title of the site. Finally I found it - http://thetruthaboutmichael.com/. (Later I learnt that it was made by Paul Camuso and Arnold Klein, but I had no idea at the time). You can still find full transcript of the interview that Jason Pfeiffer gave to Alicia Jacobs. At the time there was also another transcript - interview that Dr. Arnold Klein gave to his friend Alicia on the same occasion (and it makes you wonder why it was deleted later, doesn't it?)
Meanwhile Jason Pfeiffer deleted (suspended) his facebook account - I had no idea why.
I started this blog about the same time.
Nothing really interesting was going on until the spring. I learnt that Arnie Klein filed for bankruptcy and I couldn't find Jason's name on Klein's clinic site anymore. Transcript of Klein's interview disappeared from thetruthaboutmichael.com. I had no idea what was happening until I saw this note on Arnie's fb:
Michael was not gay
by Arnold W. Klein on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michael Jackson's sexuality? I do not believe at this time there is any evidence to indicate that he was gay. Jason Pfeiffer an ex-emloyee of mine together with a lawyer,my ex-accountant and a shady busines man sold the story of Jason's so-called affair with Michael to the foreign press as well as the US media. I recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer. I apologize to Michael's family for any damage this might have caused. Nevertheless, I feel the accusations of Michael's so called pedophilia forced him to live a tortured life with even his own sister accusing him of this behavior.

Unfortunately I didn't make a screenshot, Klein deleted his post very soon.
It was posted close to 1 of April, but not exactly on 1 of April, so I guess it wasn't supposed to be a joke.
And I wrote this blogpost - http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-want-that-weed-too-it-must-be-good.html.
I had every reason to be ironic in it.
I recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer. - Arnie wrote.*
Unfortunately I read his interview to Alicia. And I saved it.
This is what Arnie was telling Alicia at the time:

This is the phrase that Arnie said in Extra spot:

When you see two people looking at each other you know what's happening. I was just very happy for both of them.

I saw it and I've heard it on the video Alicia Jacobs put to her blog. And I tend to believe my eyes and my ears.

And now our doctor is telling us that he recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer.
Umm, so he saw MJ together with Jason, he was aware about their love affair/fling/whatever, but now he couldn't remember it?..
So, what happened to the absent-minded doctor?
The answer was found on his fb a couple of days later:

The publicity, the embezzlement, the defamation, the whole story
by Arnold Fine on Saturday, April 2, 2011
What is the point here ? The point is Harvey Levin is a totally dishonest human being who knew very well I had no part in the death of Michael Jackson. He knew very well Steven Hoefflin had been reported to be responsible for Michael's addiction. Furthermore, my lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Harvey Levin's closest friend, was fully aware of Hoefflin's behavior. When AEG hired Michael Jackson and Murray as his doctor they enabled an individual totally unfamiliar with the proper administration of this drug to give Mr Jackson Propofol every night. Frank DeLeo was present in Gothenburg Sweden where Hoefflin was giving Michael Propofol. Finally my lawyer Richard Charmley (together with Brad Boyer) illegally released Michael Jackson's medical records in court to get the $55,000 owed to me paid. This was done not to get me paid but to allow Murray to know what I did and keep news reporters at my office and homes.Additionally Charmley had told me that Mr Phillips of AEG wanted to work with me, Within a week I received a full copy of Michael's records sent to me mistakenly by Charmley. Richard Charmley also emailed a copy of these records to Randy Phillips according to individual's at AEG. Furthermore, Charmley was closely involved with Muhammed Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer, in embezzling over 10 million dollars from me. To continue the insane publicity enabled them to keep me away from my office and steal more and more money.Muhammed Khilji is a Pakistani Moslem. These people use a monetary transfer method called Hawala which was used to subsidize 9/11 and Mumbai. This is a terrorist act and the way Muhammed embezzled my funds and forced into bankruptcy. This bankruptcy will not prevent me from practicing but it is beyond my comprehension that both Andrew Whorton and Michael DeGeus of the homeland security division of the Secret Service have not been of any assistance to me in dealing with this situation.

A lot of letters, but the most important thing is that Arnold Klein started to accuse his former employees in embezzling over 10 million dollars.
It's not comme il faut that a guy who I accuse of stealing my money was a boyfriend of my best friend Michael Jackson. No way. So I need to say that the story was fabricated. Paul Camuso, my staunch adorer, will confirm it - Arnie Klein decided. (I have no idea whether Arnold Klein was even doing it consciously. Really. There're people who start to believe in their own fantasies and lies. I suspect that Arnie Klein is one of them).
Of course after reading all of these obvious lies and accusations by Dr. Klein I had a lot of things to think about and I wrote the post that I mentioned already - http://acoupleofthoughs.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-want-that-weed-too-it-must-be-good.html.
As you may notice I was asking some rhetorical questions in the end  of it. Rhetorical questions are not supposed to be answered... But not these questions.
Several days or even weeks later someone left a comment asking how to contact me. When this person sent me an e-mail I had to pick up my jaw from the floor - it was Jason Pfeiffer himself. Willing to answer my rhetorical questions.
Unfortunately Jason Pfeiffer wasn't able to tell me how to embezzle 10 million dollars. He doesn't know. My bad luck - as always! But he answered a lot of my questions.
Why Jason Pfeiffer contacted me? - I asked myself. Let's assume he really stole several million bucks from his former employer. Why would a fraud contact me to tell he is innocent? I'm not a famous blogger who can influence public opinion, my blog isn't exactly popular - what would a liar gain here? The easiest way to understand a person and their motives is to put yourself in their shoes. It's an old and a banal rule, but it works. If I were a fraud who stole from my ex-boss - would I contact someone who wrote in a blog: "Please tell me how to embezzle money somewhere!"? No. (Later I wrote a blogpost about Stacy Brown where I caught him in a lie - you know he never contacted me to explain it. Dr. Klein didn't contact me too. Well, of course I'm not delusional, I don't expect people who I write about to read my blog!)
Later Jason Pfeiffer decided to make his own blog to express his position in all this mess that he found himself in thanks to Arnie Klein and general homophobia. Actually his blog is mostly dedicated to his former boss - with whom he has litigation going on. He never denied his relationships with Michael Jackson. He is just telling the truth. To be just truthful... It's sooo weird nowadays.
Unfortunately being close to Michael Jackson is a curse - Jason Pfeiffer received fans' hatred in full and even death threats. After Arnie Klein claimed on his fb that MJ was not gay (and apprehensively deleted it later) it was much more wise for Jason to say that Michael was not his boyfriend and that his former boss Dr. Klein forced him to invent this story to gather some publicity for Arnie. And to let the fans to heave a sigh of relief. He didn't. He chose to tell the truth and to be just coherent.

What is my goal in writing of all of this? Do I expect the fans to believe me? No. I'm way too old and too non-delusional to expect something like that. I rather expect to be called a hater like I was called already on a fan board where my blog was mentioned. A hater?.. I find hate to be too strong of a feeling not to be bored with it very soon. Besides who do I hate? Michael Jackson? It can't be further from the truth. Do I want to "out" Michael Jackson? See above. Actually I write this blogpost to give a link to someone who would ask why do I find Jason Pfeiffer believable.

* Side note - the funniest thing that there was really a ghost writer involved. And this ghost writer was none other than Paul Camuso. Relationships nowadays lack romanticism - you know... But romanticism still sells good. And Jason Pfeiffer didn't give me an impression of a person who is eager to talk about his feelings and emotions.


  1. Interesting post J.

    BTW, what do you think of MJs sexuality. Any definitive conclusions?

  2. @ fern. I can tell you only my opinion, but I never consider my opinions as absolute truths.I'm just a human being and I can be wrong, besides everything is possible in our life! :-) As I wrote I always thought that MJ was gay. And I don't think that it was something that he didn't feel comfortable about. (People love to view celebrities as victims, perhaps it makes them feel better). I doubt that MJ was a child molester. Well, I'm a normal person, I don't want anybody to be a child molester, a murderer etc.! As some researches on child molesters say men who molest underaged boys in most cases are straight - if they also have relationships with adults. (I think most people have no idea about it). Jason Pfeiffer may look a couple of years younger than his real age, but he isn't a very young guy close in age to alleged victims of MJ. Vice versa, he is big adult. As for marriages... Elton John used to be married too.

  3. Thanks J. I also think MJ was gay or bi. There must be a reason for his lack of straight relationships (I only know of one consumated relationship - LMP). I read once on a blog (many years ago) this guy who said Molly Meldrum told hime Mike had disclosed to Molly he was gay but couldn't come out due to the allegations against him. Its hearsay but seemed plausible. In case you don't know, Molly Meldrum is a gay report from australia who has interviewed michael many times over the years.

    The only thing that ever made me think maybe he was straight was the porn, which I still can't figure out although one of Mike's attorney's apparently said those were his.

  4. P.S. I also want to add that the facebooks comments you reference above do seem to lead credence to Jason's story.

    No idea what to make of Klein and find it hard to bellieve anything he says. I certainly don't believe Jason would be Mihcael's first gay relationship, as Klein suggests.

  5. edit: should read "one of mike's sttorney's apparently said those weren't his". This comment was in an article some time after the trial. Not sure if he meant all of them or just some as he was referrign to those in a suitcase.

  6. Interesting, you have made the same researches as I :)I used to be friends with Jason on facebook too. He´s a nice guy. But he deleted me and others because of the threats, I think. :( I understand he cannot trust anyone. The second part of the interview was not aired because Michael´s state ordered it. According to the rumours it was Debbie or Karen who demanded them to.
    Klein is lying at least about not knowing about the story. What about that famous tweet to Elizabeth Taylor, in which he said that Michael loved who he wanted? If he didn´t know about the story he would answer it to Liz who was a dear friend for him!
    As for the note about Michael not being gay, was just me who noticed he wrote it shortly after Liz death?! Like it was his conscience who demanded to him to deny it? The fact that he deleted the note few days after could be telling...
    Fern, I never heard about that story! Interesting.
    Honestly? I don´t know what to think about Michael´s sexuality. Maybe he was bi...he had that straight porn along some homoerotic books. Even if he was completely gay his marriage to Lisa could have been consummated. Gay men can engage in sexual intercourse with woman and make kids naturally.
    I don´t like to doubt of his marriages but Lisa in her interview with Diane Sawyer almost blurted out that they did not live together. She said that "when he was in town" he would visit her...well at least for me it isn´t living together...not saying she had to lie stating that the marriage was consummated but honestly, if the marriage was a sham I don´t believe she would admit it happily to the world.
    As for Debbie, she admitted that they never lived together and the kids were just a present for Michael, because he wanted to be a father so bad.

  7. @ fern - I don't think Klein said that Jason was MJ's first gay relationship (it was when Arnie didn't lost his memory yet, LOOOOL!), I think he said that he didn't know about any other gay relationships of MJ. And it could be true - I think MJ was very-very discreet about it.
    As for porn... Hmmm... I'm not sure it's a huge issue... Besides MJ had several books that I would call "homoerotic art" - it's quite weird for an ordinary straight guy to have smth. like that. Never heard about Molly Meldrum - thank you for this info.

    @ Just Me - lol, I even forgot about Arnie's answer to Elizabeth Taylor! He is such an obvious liar!.. It's just embarrassing!

  8. First gay lover at 50? LOL If Arnie had said such a thing nobody would believe him. :P
    According to Karen Faye, Klein has a mental illness?

  9. @ Just Me - I don't know whether it is ok to talk about it, but Klein has some problems with health that affect negatively his ability to move and, far as I understood, those problems can influence his head...

  10. Jermaine is doing interviews now for his book that's comign out next week. Apparently he is sayign Michael was a "romantic" heterosexual who was in love with Diana Ross, dated Brooke Shields and married LMP. To me that still sounds like LMP was MJs only consumated hetero relationship. I doubt MJ could have shared with his family if he were gay or bi.

    I've also wondered if MJ tried to cure himself of being gay the way some religious people do.

  11. @ fern - Jermaine is funny! Romantic heterosexual... I wonder why all other brothers (perhaps only except for Marlon - but I'm not even sure) - and Jermaine in the first place - grew into womanizers with entangled personal life, tons of girlfriends, extramarital kids, etc. Not something that personally I would call "romantic". But only Michael became "romantic heterosexual". I find it suspicious...
    LMP said in her interview to Oprah that "he’d had a few dates in his life but there was nothing profound for him in that area" before her. Whatever it means!.. But I find it possible that he had "consummated" marriage with Debbie Rowe as well (this woman was always a mystery to me, I mean I always wanted to know whether she simply loved money very much or she was in love with MJ as well - I find it very possible).
    As for the family... I have strong impression that MJ wasn't close to his family at least since late 80-s (perhaps much earlier), perhaps they suspected the truth, but wouldn't confront MJ with uncomfortable questions, they wouldn't provoke possible conflict situations. I doubt it too that MJ himself would be eager to talk to his family about his private life...
    MJ left Jehovah witnesses in the end of 80-s, I guess his religion was too narrow for him, there were way too much conflicts between the religion and normal life. MJ was in show business since childhood, so I think he saw a lot and communicated with plenty of people, including homosexuals. Perhaps they were not screaming on every corner about their preferences, but were not unhappy about it either. That's why I don't even believe that MJ had to be too uncomfortable about being gay.

  12. I think this video of Jo responding to questions about Michael's sexuality pretty revealing (jo part starts at about 1:10)


  13. Ha-ha-ha, I used to watch this! This guy, Majestik is his name I think, is way too... um, disturbed!

  14. I don´t want to talk ill about Michael´s father but Joe is a disgusting homophobic. There was no need to react like that, I think it only raised more suspicion. Many fans don´t like him but of course they praised him when he slamed Klein because of his gay allegations. But as I said and more people know it, Joe is homophobic and his reaction would be the same, whether Michael was or not gay. So I at last don´t trust this man.
    Interesting enough there´s a video with a interview with his parents, before the trial, and the interviewer asked Joe about women in Michael´s life. The man sure chocked here! I´ll try to find the video.

  15. Yeah that bugged me too about the fans praising Jo for slamming klein. And its not hard to figure out why Michael would never have come out, knowing how repulsive the idea of him being gay was to his father and fans. Odd fans can't see that.

    Hope to see that video

  16. @ fern, I think Joe was even the lesser of evils. There were periods when MJ wasn't talking to him for years. The most important reasons for MJ to never come out were child molestation allegations (most people don't make difference between being gay and being a child molester) and fans. Fans bring bread, butter and caviar on it, and I just can't imagine reaction of, at least, a lot of them.

    1. Hello!
      really liked your blog, and post
      I wanted to know some more evidence of MJ's homosexuality
      Can you tell me something?

  17. @J, I know for a fact that some fans would have a problem with Michael being gay. They used the excuse for Michael have denied his homosexuality in the past many times so someone who says otherwise is a liar. But I know better. Look that quotes from a board

    Michael was not gay. If he was gay I'd have no problem with that but people need to stop calling the man something he never claimed to be.

    Thought you said you WOULD have a problem with that and I was going to get on you about that.

    I don´t know maybe the first fan had said that she she would have a problem in other thread.

    Many fan girls like too much the gold pants, his simple interaction with women on stage is seen by them like a signal he was straight and some even admitted that they cannot imagine Michael with a man. Each one his beliefs but a close mind can be dangerous.

  18. @ Just Me, oh yes, fans say all the time: "Michael said that he wasn't gay, that's why he wasn't gay". They are not so fast in believeing MJ in other cases.
    Btw, he really denied being gay several times, but I can't recall him saying smth. like: "I'm straight and I love women". Perhaps I missed it, but I really can't recall.
    Fans use most weird arguments to prove MJ was straight, lol! For example, a video where he glanced at Oprah Winfrey's ass. They say that he is checking her ass and it indicates that he is straight. LOL! Perhaps I would check her huge butt too! Does it mean now that I'm a lesbian and that I'm a fan of huge butts?..
    Fan girls love musicians not only because of their music or performing, it's often much more personal... Sexual fantasies. An openly gay man is bad material for sexual fantasies. It's much better when he is straight and single. It's old like show business!..

  19. @J, It depends...As many men love to see two girls together, some girls like the opposite lol.
    I guess do you know the story about Arno Bani and Michael? Arno Bani is a gay photographer who took pics of Michael that were never seen until now.


    There´s a story that Bani tried to touch Michael and he felt uncomfortable. For many fans this is also a sign that Michael wasn´t gay. WTF So if a man I hardly know touches me and I don´t like it, I´m a lesbian? LOL

  20. @ Just Me - yeah, some girls really like two men together (otherwise m/m fan-fiction wouldn't exist, lol!), I guess female fans who like it are not protesting against even a possibulity of MJ being gay. But perhaps they are in a minority. Btw I know a couple of totally straight young women who like to watch lesbian porn! So an argument that a guy who possesses straight and lesbian porn must be straight is questionable too. I would only suggest that a person who has a lot of porn doesn't have an eventful life in terms of sex...
    I read about Arno Bani, yeah! Weak argument - as always...

  21. God save Michael Jackson from angry, lovesick gay guys, who resent that they never had a chance with him - Geffen, Taraborrelli, Pfeiffer, Friedman - the list goes on and on.

    Why do you believe Jason Pfeiffer? Because you want to.

  22. @ Anonymous - sorry, today I have zero tolerance to people like you're.
    I wonder why in hell did you search for "jason pfeiffer blog" if you finally decided to continue believing your own dreams? If he is a liar - why not to forget about him?

  23. Anonymous if you´re a disgusting homophobic so you´re not even a real Michael fan. Real Michael fans don´t hate or have prejudice. And like J asked you, if Jason is a liar so why persist in the subject?

  24. I usually don't comment when I see that people are rigid in their beliefs, but I just had to, had to comment here.

    By definition, the blogger owner doesn't want to be associated with MJ fans because she finds that they are fanatical and rigid.

    Most spiritual beliefs tell you that whatever you dislike in others is in some way present inside of you. For example, in the comment dated 9/21/11 Just Me immediately calls "Anonymous" a person you don't know from anywhere, homophobic and disgusting, why? Because he/she happens to have the opinion that there are many gay men who are obsessed with Michael and would have loved to have a relationship with him.

    J also tell's him that she has zero tolerance for people like him.

    Like who? You don't even know this person.

    You have read ONE, O N E comment and immediately decided who this person is.

    Anonymous has a right to comment on this blog, which you opened to the public and asked people to leave comments on, and you don't get to tell him when and where and how s/he should comment.

    So he can comment on why he disbelieves Jason, just as you can write a blog piece on why you believe him.

    See how that works? Freedom of speech works both ways, not just for people you agree with.

    I am so tired of intolerant people pretending to be offended by other people's so called intolerance, pretending to be tolerant.

    What I am more disgusted and tired with is people's need to KNOW.

    Fern said: "Thanks J. I also think MJ was gay or bi. There must be a reason for his lack of straight relationships (I only know of one consumated relationship - LMP). "

    Maybe the reason was he didn't want you and the hold world all up in his business, watching him, judging him, drawing your false conclusions and labelling him.

    Michael said he was not gay, why is that not enough. Because people want him to be gay? Because people feel they should have seen him with more women and need to be sure. It's none of their business.

    Maybe the man wanted a part of his life to be private.

    The sense of entitlement that people have in other's people's lives, wanting to tell them how to think, what to think, what to believe, how to act, you know what, THAT is disgusting.

    And though I shouldn't even mention this, because it's a ridiculous argument that many people use to dismiss what a person is saying, I am not a "fan" -- I am an individual, and I refuse to be lumped into a group of people just because someone wants to dismiss me and not treat me as an individual.

    I feel sorry for human nature that we are so ugly to each other and so oppressive. How can an indivudal be free to create and be if people who don't have the talent feel the need to dissect them like they are some kind of lab rat. It's inhumane.

  25. @ The Great Pretender - your comment was sooo long, my answer will be much shorter: first of all I'm not against discussions, I'll stress it - DISCUSSIONS. Phrase "Why do you believe Jason Pfeiffer? Because you want to" - is not anything close to normal discussion. Second, here in this post I'm not talking about opinions or beliefs (which is smth. religious I think), I'm talking about things that I KNOW.

    Btw, this is J, I'm not at home, and blogspot acts up.

  26. No one knows anything for sure about other people. Everything that comes out of your mouth about another person is an opinion. Even your statement that "Why do you believe Jason Pfeiffer? Because you want to" not being a "normal discussion" is an opinion.

    You are entitled to yours, of course, but other people are entitled to their opinion, and they are also entitled to express it. You don't get to tell them they can't express it or call them names and still pretend to be tolerant.

    I mean obviously you can do whatever you want, but in this case the behavior is hypocritical.

  27. This is J one more time.
    The Great Pretender, our dialogue actually sounds like:

    Me: I've seen it. It's green.
    You: There are opinions it can be pink. Besides it's not our business whether it's green, pink or blue.
    Me: Um... I've seen it. It's green. And I'm not a daltonian. I don't care whether you believe me or not, I just say what I know, that's all.
    You: You're just entitled to your beliefs. And you're against freedom of speach.
    Me: LOL. It's still green.

  28. Our dialogue (if you can call it that) does not sound like that. You're making that up.
    Perhaps you are exercising your fictional muscles?

    I could care less what your opinion is and have zero problem with you stating it, but I have my opinions about your opinion, and I'm pointing out that in my opinion, you don't have the right to tell anyone to shut up and have the nerve to say you're tolerant. You're not. Stop lying.

    2) You said: "For some reason the two subjects that I am constantly thinking about and searching for the last year are colour analysis and Michael Jackson. I think I will not write about colour analysis here, but I just have a need to put some of my thoughts about MJ on paper (well, on electronic paper). Of course I could do it not online, but a part of me wants fame communication with those who may have a couple of interesting thoughts and some interesting information as well. "

    Communication involves speaking AND listening, but most of all understanding.

    But some people don't know how to do that.

  29. This is J.

    Um, TGP... Where did I write that I'm TOLERANT?.. Look to the right part of my blog - that was written especially for those who may think I'm 'tolerant'. I don't have a right to shut up someone?.. The last time I checked this was MY blog, you know... And if you don't care about my opinion - what did you forget here?..
    TGP, if you'll try to behave like this in real life - say, coming to a house of someone you're not acquainted with and telling them what to do - reaction of house owner can be different: from laughing hard to calling police to beating you. I hope you're more adequate in real life.

  30. well i've read the interview (from the links u gave) and to me he said more or less things that we already knew (like the fact that the relation with his father changed a little bit). regarding tohme tohme...Michael said more or less the same thing to rev june gatlin and so on...so nothing really knew. it gibe me the impression that they were just dear friends..or like BEST FRIENDS but nothing more (the sexual thing-kiss thing sounds really added on purpose). but this is just my opinion. bye

  31. @ Anonymous: Jason Pfeiffer doesn't give me impression of a person who would describe in details how he had sex with MJ.

  32. @Anonymous:

    I agree with J, if Jason had talked more about his sex life with Michael I would discredit him. Talking too much is like trying to convince someone else, at least for me this is a sign the person is lying.

  33. TGP I just saw your answer today...
    So in your opinion what Anonymous said wasn't homophobia? Excuse me?! Read again please:

    "God save Michael Jackson from angry, lovesick gay guys..."

    English isn't my first language but I get very well what that sick person said. That wasn't just a simple opinion. If you believe this isn't homophobia so you have serious issues.

    If Michael saying he wasn't gay is enough? Of course not. And you know why? Because his family and this society cannot handle gay people. He would always say no, wheter he was gay or not. If there are rumors since the 70's that's because there's a reason and I don't believe it's just tabloid slander. He didn't show the signals of vitiligo that time yet, not a single surgery. The media didn't ridiculize him yet.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this blog post, it was really interesting and I appreciate it. I most certainly consider myself to be a fan, though I admit that term is reflective of something rather shallow and manic at times. All fandoms are undoubtedly wrought with people who are total lunatics, but there are always fans who are level-headed as well.

    I think this is true of the MJ fan community, and while I find myself frustrated and fed-up at times, especially when in the desire to defend Michael from heinous accusations, all logic and tact is also thrown out the window - effectively sacrificing aspects of Michael that made him who he was. But, there are most definitely devoted Michael Jackson fans with open hearts and open minds, and I'm very glad to have found some of them.

    I am madly in love with Michael Jackson, though I'm aromantic, so it's a platonic kind of love. But he's very important to me and I romanticize him a lot - I wish I could curl up in his silken warmth and be saturated by the heat of his blood, the pulse of his soul. I want to hug him so badly, kiss his cheek and know that he's happy - his smile and laughter is like burning stars, and I hope he has truly found peace at last. I think he's intensely beautiful and while he was human with flaws, he projected a presence that is otherworldy, whimsical and blaring with light - I'm still left blinded.

    I don't think Michael was gay because I believe his attraction to women was real, but I do think he could have been bisexual and that it's quite likely that his sexuality was at least within a more gray area than the black and white binary of gay and straight.

    I'm not a part of that binary either. Being asexual, I've actually found myself explaining and defending asexuality when some fans repel against the idea of Michael being in that realm too. I for one, don't seek to foist hard labels on Michael either, it's not my place and Michael rather defied labels. However, I do remain open to possibilities and wish others would be, or at the very least, not as insulting and bigoted about it all - it's just ugly and counterproductive for everyone.

    As it stands, I do have a hunch that Michael was something beyond straight - but it's just a hunch. (I want to be very clear here that I do not entertain, in any shape, form or universe that Michael could have been a pedophile - not open to *that* one, I fight it with venom, along with the association some fools make with pedophilia and homosexuality.)

    I'm quite insulted and confused by the amount of fans that are so vehemently opposed the very idea of MJ being interested in men, so I quite understand your point of view. Not all fans feel this way, but the one's who do speak loudly and obnoxiously about it and I don't understand how some people can act so hatefully in the name of a spirit so loving.

  35. I think he was straight virgin in the 80s,experiemented with women in the 90s and es ahd homosexual relationships in the 2000s. you can clearly see his evolution towards more sissy,his body lanuae,the people he surounded himself with...at teh end he was livin the life of a ay sinle father,thats it.Do you think that you are oin to have all that money and fame,bodyguards and resources to meet girls of every shape and color and not do it?I mean a 50 year old black man? c'mon.
    Ive been a fan all my life and in denial,but it really was in front of our face teh whole time. Sounds like a do,looks like a do....adopted children no real women except LMP and that marriae happened because he ahd to clean his reputation.
    And yes I do believe he had some sexual interaction with kids,he was not a grown adult back then sexually talkin,he consumed porn just like any kid. He had fear cause of his vitilio and fame.
    So if it makes you feel better you can think that he was bisexual,like most people in hollywood but that hair lipstick and eye lashes he had towards the end speak by themselves. My tery is that it was a proresive thin,he tried to look like his female idols sofia loren etc...once he saw himself feminin in the mirror he started to act more in his feminin side.And he was a very curius uy,always readin and learnin about different thins,and very open minded,ou see he flirted with old women,he aproched lisa marie when she was just a little irl...he didnt mind wear make up or whatever...so he was open minded and surely treid with guys. Jason pfeiffer? I dont know I was not there but they found underwear with male semen of 2 man and micheals at his bedroom,with rests of cocaine and blood. I dont think I need to say more.By the 2000s he was as gay as Eddie Murphy.He probably was in denial his whole life and in the 2000s he was so into drugs and tired of portrayin the perfect michael jackson everybody wanted to see that he probably went like:you know what? i dont give a f..."The truth will come out sooner or later.
    The jury didnt include the underwear in the case cause the DNA test said it wasnt the kids DNA...but we dont know who was it,and we dont know if it was a kid or an adult. We just know Mj had sex with men in the 2000s FACT,and no female DNA was found. Ican say it louder but...
    I repeat,think of any 50 year old black man with millions of dollars mansions and fans in every corner of the world that is not bangin girls left and right...Oh yeah Usher . Now after you ahve read this o and watch the oprah interview. See him walk,and his body language.Not when performin...see the thriller video,when hes not performin...see his birthday celebrationo at neverland,see teh video Michael jackson visits Gary,see his body language...now tell me that guy is not gay.
    He was definately good,cause he was literally lookin like a transexual except the breats and still the world beleived he was a macho man,he was the absolute master when it comes to entertainment

  36. I disaree with people thinkin Mj didnt ahd a problem with bein gay. he did..he had a lot of pressure,and conflict with his religion growin up. He probably held on to that peter pan man child persona to avoid facin growin up and his homosexuality. He made up excuses like Im shy,Im a gentleman,I dont like it just sex I like the romance...
    Do you want to know why I know? Becuase he didnt even tell someone he trusted and someone he told many secrets. COnrad Murray. By 2009 he was still tellin Murray he wasnt gay and that all his career gay people in the industry tried to have sex with him...When male semen was found in his room in neverland back in 2003 in the trial investiation(by the way his room obviously had a secutiry code).And it wasnt just random semen from staff members..it was a bag,with used underwear of Michael himself and other male underwear with semen. He told his deepest secrets to Murray but still was not confortable with revealin his homosexual relationships.He was not confortable at all,only the uys he slept with his brotehrs and Elisabeth taylor knew the truth. That was the secret that bond them together the most. I think one of the uys was the Cascio brother taht wrote the book.He worked for MJ when he grew up in the 2000s.They had a level or trust a friendship of 30 years, and yes he looks soooo gay.
    Michael took his career so serius that I doubt he would accept any proposal from any hollywood gay celeb. He probably would play the hetero ofended act and kick them out. he was not oin to ahve sex with eore michael Or Fredy Mercury or Will Smith. He would make Hollywood believe he was straiht or the inocent child that never grew up and he would pick up an unknown dude like Jason Pfeiffer that nobody in their riht mind would believe Michael Jckson could have sex with...He was smart. Soon as we saw this guy so fat we all went like....NAAAH
    so there you o,Mj was more smart than you all ever thouht possible,he was a master when it came to entertianment.He tricked LMP,he even made all those black producers believe that he wanted to be black...he was manipulative and goood.BUT the truth always prevails he was a sissy black man that wanted to look like a beautiful white woman,and thats as obvious as the sky is blue.Ive been a fan all my life,know every lyric,every picture but lets be honest we are rown folks here.it is what it is. The only thin left for me is the molestation thin.I know he didnt do it in 2005,they claim he did it after the bashir was aired,wich is absurd..but Im not so sure about the 80s 90s kids. i would not be surprised,he was a troubled individual,mentally sexually. a tragedy what they did to that little kid probably sexually abused himself. So even if it comes out that he molested those children Id feel compasion for him,because he probably felt like shit himself after doin it and it was a circle he didnt know how to excape.In his mind he was a kid so he probaly saw it as kids playin.Time will ive all the answers

    1. Thank you for your comment. I almost don't blog at all now, but I keep it. I don't follow new info about MJ closely now... Regarding Murray I have impression that Michael manipulated him - as he used to do with many other people (probably almost all of them)...